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Let us help you map your business requirements to Compiere ERP to design the right solution

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Rapid implementation approach with end user involvement, project management to help you use the system quickly

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Dedicated support with flexible options for future enhancements to your ERP systems

Compiere ERP Specialized services

How do you want to handle deployment? With Compiere ERP, you have three options to choose from

Compiere On Premise

Compiere ERP can be set up within your enterprise in a centralized or distributed manner. Compiere ERP integrates with your existing applications and 3rd party systems using web services API.

Compiere On Cloud

Compiere ERP can be hosted on public or private cloud. Compiere ERP is readily available on Amazon cloud environment. Compiere provides a web interface to access the software anywhere anytime.

Compiere with postgres database

Compiere ERP runs on Oracle and EnterpriseDB database. However, TenthPlanet offers a value added plugin to use Compiere ERP with Open Source Postgres database.

What Can You Do With Compiere



Compiere covers the business processes required for the creation of a quotation for a prospect or customer

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Based on customer, product, time discount percent on base Price, the promotion should be applied.

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Integration with Salesforce enables timely and accurate information for Sales and Finance by automating data

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Requisitions may automatically be created from Material Replenishment Reports or alternatively entered

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Partner Management

In Compiere Customer, Vendor, Employee are mentioned as Business Partners The attributes such as

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Good business accounting is about more than simple debits and credits, and department-level functionality

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Effectively access solution across locations and reduce dependency Eliminate server bandwidth and performance issues Enhance

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To automate the inbound process, order fulfillment, accurate inventory levels, outbound process, customer returns, Account

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CCHS is a centralized call handling system which helps CPC to provide support to customer on the issues reported against the instrument

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