Compiere Features


The Sales and Sales Order process in Compiere covers the business processes required for the creation of a quotation for a prospect or customer, sales order management, invoicing and the receipt of cash. This functionality is tightly integrated with Material Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Six document types are predefined in the Sales Order process. You can also define your own document types. The document type determines the Document Sequence and the Name, which can be translated if you're using multilingual documents.

Sales Features


Sales order


Blanker order


consigned Inventory


Drop Shipments






Print batch Invoice


Credit Limit

compiere_marketing campaign

Marketing Campaign


Promotions are performed to increase the sales of the products. There are different kind of promotions are applied. Each promotions are configurable. These will also be reflected in the reports.

  • Price of the product Promotion: Based on customer, product, time, discount percent on base Price /channel Price, the promotion should be applied.
  • Commercial Discount Promotion: The amount of commercial discount based on conditions.
  • FOC Promotion: The amount of FOC products based on conditions.

promotions features

compiere_discount condtions

Discount Conditions


Client Details


Attributes Combination


Free Item




SFA Integration

Compiere ERP integration with Salesforce enables timely and accurate information for Sales and Finance by automating data updates between Compiere ERP and Salesforce. Bi-directional synchronization of key information between the two systems improves sales efficiencies and customer service, as well as accelerates opportunity-to-cash.

SMS Integration

Integration with messaging software is done by which messages can be sent to respective persons for the alerts made.

Integration features


SFA Integration Sales Order


SMS Integration Sales Order

Request Management

Request Management helps to accumulate and track activities from initiation to closure. One of the most common activities tracked with Service are customer service requests. As with most Compiere capabilities, the information associated with a Request including fields, stages, assignment and workflow rules, and the accounting impact are all customizable.

Request Management Features


Spare Requests




The Purchasing process covers the business processes required for the creation of requisitions, purchase orders, receipt of vendor invoices, and payment processing. The functionality is tightly integrated with Materials Management.

Requisitions may automatically be created from Material Replenishment Reports or alternatively entered manually. A sample workflow implementation is delivered with the standard product that requires Requisitions in excess of $100 to be approved. Upon approval, a report of approved Requisitions is prepared and purchase orders may be created.

Purchase Features


Purchase Order


Material Receipt


Manage Vendor Payment


NTA Purchase Order


NTA AP Invoice


NTA AP Payment

Partner Management

In Compiere Customer, Vendor, Employee are mentioned as Business Partners. The attributes such as program, channel are captured for sales analysis. The customer attributes like credit limit, payment term are applied during the sales transactions.

  • New Form to Transfer the customer from one salesman to other salesman.
  • One Partner can have more than one GOA Type(Group of Attribute).
  • Set the attributes to customers such as Sales Channel, Sub Channel, Outlet Type, Customer Program, Customer Class, Credit Limit Approval Level1 amount
  • Tax ID duplicate validation
  • Shelf Life % can be configured
  • User to define the instrument details which are sold to customer and maintain the contract details such as AMC/CMC/Warranty/Extended Warranty/Life Time Free Service and their appropriate contract periods. Based on the contracts defined, the service will be provided to the customer against those instruments.
  • Service engineer to edit the maintenance dates when Preventive maintenance dates are rescheduled based on the customer’s appointment.

Partner Management Features


Partner Management


  • Audit Log Tracking Report: New report to show the changes logs done in the Period and Period Control tab.
  • 2nd Layer Login Authentication: OTP Verification for user login, OTP will be sent via E-mail and user has to enter the OTP at the time of login.

Security Features




Good business accounting is about more than simple debits and credits, and department-level functionality for General Ledger, Account Receivable and Accounts Payable. Compiere automates all of your financial, distribution, sales and service processes and unifies your enterprise data in a single repository. By taking a unified approach to integrating enterprise-wide business processes and data, your customized Compiere business solution provides you with reliable information for accurate financial reporting and informed decision-making.

  • GL Journal: Provision to do Closing Journals during year end.
  • GL Journal: Provision to Capture CIT field (Corporate Income Tax) mandatory Partner, Expense Type validation for specific GL accounts.
  • Provision to find the Channel profitability from each invoice posting. This will open up the window for knowing the Gross Sales, Channel Discounts, Price Discounts made on each invoices with respect to the channels.
  • Performance issue was fixed in the reports (Trial Balance, P&L, Balance Sheet)
  • Multiple Shipments should be impacted with same costing in Sales instead of different cost due to new attribute creation.
  • Old GL's for the transaction posting can to be changed to the new GL. This will be shown in the financial reports like Trial Balance, Balance sheet & Profit & Loss.

Accounting Features


Accounting – 1


Accounting – 2


Accounting – 3


Accounting – 4

Accounting Reports

There are many varieties of reports are created based on account posting values and the sales quantities. Each report will be of different dimensions. Accounting Reports are classified as Inventory Reports, Tax Reports, Financial Reports, Accounts Payable Reports, Accounts Receivable Reports, General Ledger, Revenue Reports, NTA Reports, and Compliance Reports etc.

  • Inventory In/Out Report: New Report to show the inventory In and Out Quantity, Cost by Branch/Company along with Opening and closing stock.
  • Inventory In Report: New Report to show the inventory In Quantity, Cost by Branch/Company along with Opening and closing stock.
  • Inventory Out Report: New Report to show the inventory Out Quantity, Cost by Branch/Company along with Opening and closing stock.
  • Closing Inventory Report: New Report to show the closing inventory status based on warehouse.
  • COGS Report: New Report to show the cost to goods sold accounted in the profit and loss account.
  • Inventory Card: New Report to show the inventory transaction details based on product by branch/Company wise.
  • Detail consignment goods: New Report to show the goods taken for consignment.

Accounting Reports


Accounting Reports – 1


Accounting Reports – 1


Visual Dictionary editor

  • Compiere Visual Dictionary Editor provides you with a sleek Flash interface to customize your data setup or transaction windows.
  • Use drag-n-drop to design your window layout exactly the way you want.
  • You can customize field labels, hide fields you don't want, pre-populate field values and mark fields as mandatory or read-only.
  • The Visual Dictionary Editor shows you the user's view of the window as you work on it making layout design intuitive and error-free.

Dynamic Web Services support

  • The SOAP framework allows Compiere web services to call third-party applications and vice versa.
  • Compiere web-services are based on Compiere Data Dictionary.
  • They provide a unified mechanism to create, update and retrieve data from any Table definition.
  • The advantage of having the web service based on the dictionary is that the users can make changes to the column definitions in the dictionary, and these changes are immediately visible to the Web services without any code change.

Multi-server support

  • Compiere Enterprise now supports multiple servers, large transaction volumes, and hundreds of users.

Management Dashboards

  • Pre-built, role-based dashboards provide drill-down capability and are easily customized without programming.

Landed Cost Distribution

  • Landed Cost is the total cost of a product. Compiere supports the landed cost calculation by adding the other additional cost.

EAN 13 Barcode Implementation

  • The EAN -13 barcodes are used worldwide for marking products often sold at retail point of sale.
  • All the numbers encoded in EAN barcodes are known as Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), and they can be encoded in other GS1 barcodes.

Email Reports and Documents

  • Ability to email Reports and Documents has been added to the Web User interface.

Provision for the Personal Lock

  • Allows the user to restrict access to a specific record.
  • If a Personal Lock is applied, only that user and those user's whose role has Personal Access enabled have access to the record.
  • This restriction is over and above any security rules that have been defined.

Ability to print mass shipments

  • A process available from the Main Menu used to print multiple shipments.

Archive Viewer

  • A window used to view the Archived Records. Records or Documents can be archived using the toolbar from the document viewer or automatically using a setting available in the Tenant window.

Automated Three Way Matching

  • Automatic Purchase Document Matching provides the ability to automatically match Purchase Orders with Receipts and Vendor Invoices based on a set of user tolerance criteria.

Character Encoding

  • To allow printing reports on languages that require a different character encoding (for example characters like ė, ą in Lithuanian) a new field “encoding” was added to the language window.

Cycle Counting

  • Cycle counting provides you with the option of carrying out systematic physical inventory counting of products in your locator.