Compiere What We DO

ERP Advice, Implementation & Cost

The choice of a suitable ERP solution is essential to make the most of its potential and boost businesses productivity. While searching for the right ERP solution, companies should consider the size, need, requirements and the challenges of their organisation.

ERP software packages can be highly customisable. Regardless of size, the implementation of the right ERP solution will help business to enhance their productivity and efficiency, enabling them to cut unnecessary costs, gain valuable insights and identify further growth opportunities.


  • We will help identify the ERP Software that best meets your company's operational requirements, infrastructure, timeline, and budget.
  • We offer a variety of solutions that can be deployed out of the box, customised or integrated with other systems.

Compiere Consultation

The implementation of the right ERP tool will enable businesses to undertake their operational activities in a more productive and efficient manner, giving them an overall and a complete picture of their overall business.

By integrating human resources, financials, supply chain and company projects, an appropriate ERP tool will empower management and allow them to control every aspect and activity of the business, whilst ensuring its productivity and the cost-effectiveness of each operation.


  • Integrate with other eCommerce solutions
  • Network of partners and certified developers
  • Live or Recorded Expert Assitance Demo
  • Proof of Value
  • OSS vs COSS. TCO vs ROI comparison
  • Free trail 30 days

Compiere Enterprise Cloud Edition

Browser-based applications that run over a highly scalable and secure infrastructure and delivered as a utility. We provide a complete suite of professional ERP consulting services to ensure the success of your project! We do not maintain any ERP reseller relationships so we can be 100% vendor-neutral when recommending ERP solutions to our clients.


  • Flexibility to create rich consumer experiences
  • Tailor back-end workflows to your business
  • Hundreds of extensions
  • Open architecture
  • Integrate with other eCommerce solutions
  • Network of partners and certified developers
  • Expert support, training and consulting services

Ten10 for Compiere

Ten10 is the Service Management framework, to deliver open source services. This framework was evolved by our extensive experience in delivering services over the past 12 years. Ten10 provides assurance to our services in terms of time, cost and quality. We use this framework to deliver service in various platforms like ERP, BI and Web 2.0

The key feature of this framework is to Go Live iteratively. This feature has helped the customer to get the key business needs automated in a shorter time frame. The framework follows the Agile Methodology for the entire software life cycle. This ensures quicker iterations in discovery and design

Ten10 Key 7 Deliverables

Contract Agreements

MOU, NDA, MSA, SOW FOR 4D and O&S, these are the only contract documents for any project for any customer, we can template them and keep them all available online editable and ready to submit for a new customer.

Business Requirement Specification

We bring all the Documents, Videos, Images, Spreadsheets, PDF, etc whatever the customer has sent to us/given to us/collected by us into this single folder for the entire duration of the project

Work Breakdown Structure

We maintain all the requirements during 4D and tickets during O&S(Operations & Support) into our "Incident Management - Service Support Desk" software and bring all the requirements [4D/O&S] into a single place with each requirement marked as Task, assigned to a person, estimated/actual hours/dates, release/milestone/iteration/sprint, and also category of incident [SR – Support Request ,CR – Change Request ,ER- Enhancement Request], that is during 4D or O&S.

Software Requirement Specification

We keep one single WIKI format and bring all the Functional specifications, Technical specifications, Test cases, Meeting notes, all related to the Scope of requirements for the project into a single document with same name (different versions) and merge all the loose end documents into one big single document called "SRS"

Source Control Management

We always ensure the latest source code for DEV/UAT/PREPROD/PRODUCTION environment is kept very securely and versioned/labeled and marked. Every Friday we can do a full build for any project and ensure we are not playing with single class level byte code/script insertions, etc.

Release Guide

All release related documents [ eg: Notes, User guide, Dev guide, Admin guide, SOP, How-to-videos, Environment guide, etc] in one single WIKI and keep it always the same name and different version and keep updating the same document.

Acceptance Certificate

We ensure for every project for every release gets the UAT sign off, GO LIVE sign off, Time-sheet sign off and ensure they are all 100% approved by customer always and kept safely online.