Compiere Services

Compiere Professional Services

At Tenth Planet, we view delivering professional services and support as an essential part of our commitment to the long-term success of our customers. Compiere product and business process experts at Tenth Planet deliver a wide range of services, including consulting, training, implementation, custom development, maintenance and Cloud services. These services are performed by our certified Compiere experts with years of best practice experience to help you get maximum value from your business solutions.

Compiere solution experts are available to help you get up and running quickly so you reduce the time it takes to begin getting real business value from your investment. Our experts also can keep your Compiere solution running efficiently and cost effectively throughout its lifecycle.

Compiere Consulting

The implementation of the right ERP tool will enable businesses to undertake their operational activities in a more productive and efficient manner, giving them an overall and a complete picture of their overall business.

By integrating human resources, financials, supply chain and company projects, an appropriate ERP tool will empower management and allow them to control every aspect and activity of the business, whilst ensuring its productivity and the cost-effectiveness of each operation.


  • Live or Recorded Expert Assistance Demo
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Proof of Value
  • Solution Architecture
  • FIT GAP Analysis
  • Free trail 30 days
  • OSS vs COSS. TCO vs ROI comparison

Compiere Implementation

The choice of a suitable ERP solution is essential to make the most of its potential and boost businesses productivity. While searching for the right ERP solution, companies should consider the size, need, requirements and the challenges of their organisation.

ERP software packages can be highly customisable. Regardless of size, the implementation of the right ERP solution will help business to enhance their productivity and efficiency, enabling them to cut unnecessary costs, gain valuable insights and identify further growth opportunities.


  • 90 days go live
  • Money back guarantee
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Milestone based payment

Compiere Support

The Compiere Support site features a variety of materials ranging from initial ERP software installation instructions that are freely available to everyone, to fee-based Extended Support subscriptions geared toward maximizing the value of your Compiere solutions.


  • Access to Compiere Support
  • Bug Fixes and Service Packs
  • Enhancement Releases
  • Access to Automated Upgrade Tools
  • Issue Tracking
  • 60 to 480 hours support model