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Pentaho Professional Services

With the support of the entire Pentaho Team, your company will soon be experiencingthe benefits of Pentaho Big Data software firsthand


Start using Pentaho with your data, know the required infrastructure and license cost, clear implementation roadmap with milestones. Eliminate unknowns


We take care of setting up the infrastructure on cloud or on-premise and bring all your structured and unstructured data together and provide visual insights


We monitor, maintain, enhance and ensure data is accurate and high availability is guaranteed for your users to rely on this solution

Pentaho Specialized services

Jumpstart to successful implementation with our ready to use analytics solution.

Data Analytics as a Service

Start using Pentaho on cloud flexible self-service capabilities to start processing your structured and semi-structured data. Upload, analyze, visualize and derive powerful insights using Pentaho Metadata injection and Streamlined data refinery techniques.


Our value-added solutions powered by Pentaho will help to bring data from your Weblogs, Sensors and blend with your structured data from transactional systems to ingest and process data for analysis. Powered by big data ecosystem with real-time streaming capabilities and predictive alerts.

Big data tomato

Power your retail data with prebuilt kpi's specifically built to track your customer 360, product performance and overall financial traceability to enhance and make wiser decisions with power decisions from your data integrated with social data.

What Can You Do With Pentaho


Data Integration

Bringing data together, your enterprisedata resides in various formats, sources,structures some even unstructured

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Explore your data dynamically. self serviceintuitive interface for analysts to drag anddrop and analyse

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Easy to read, one page summary of theanalysis of information, get the overview ofyour enterprise in a centralized view

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Enterprise and Interactive Reports

Drag and Drop Designer provides flexibleoptions for operational users to buildreports based on information

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Big Data Adaptive layer

Prebuilt Connectors and processors forHadoop, NoSQL Blend enterprise data withbig data for faster and accurate

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Data Mining/Predictive Analytics

Integrate and customize Pentaho toembed value of analytics as partof your core solution

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Learn how 90% of our implementations were on time and on budget

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