CDA – Community Data Access
– It is a plugin for Pentaho Business Analytics suite that allows data to be retrieved from multiple datasource and combined in a single output that can be easily passed on to dashboard components
– It is designed to allow greater flexibility for data sources
– It was mainly developed as an abstraction tool between database connections and Community Dashboard Framework.

Main Purpose:
– To combine data from data sources
– To avoid SQL injection problems within CDF
– To allow an easier way to export data from queries

It comes up with 2 different components:
1) Connection – A database or pentaho datasource
2) Data Access – A Query over that connection

Both of them are defined in a XML file (CDA file) in the solution repository.
Data access is established by a call to a specific dataAccess id in the CDA file.
Data access may have parameters and any calculated attributes added to the results.

It has an API to,
Fetch Query results in different formats like JSON, XML, CSV and XLS
Editor to edit CDA files
Eg URL: $BASE_URL/pentaho/content/cda/editFile?path=solution/cda/file.cda
(Specify filename in path argument)
Previewer to visualize the results of a query in table form
Eg URL: $BASE_URL/pentaho/content/cda/previewQuery?path=solution/cda/file.cda
(Specify filename in path argument)