Content Management

In the current information age, there are enterprises who manage their business with Head Quarters and Branches in different locations spread over a wide geographical area.

Also there seems to be poor network connections in different branches which do not allow the Enterprise to select a web-based solution.

For these kinds of customers, we propose the client server architecture based Compiere Solution (thick client) and help them manage their business effectively from a centralized location.

With this enterprise solution, we can implement the Compiere’s thick client for different customer’s who have HQ and Branch setup. This kind of a setup helps our clients to consolidate data from different branches across the globe. Once the data is consolidated, accounting becomes easy.

Compiere provides a robust Financial Accounting module that helps the enterprise to account each and every transaction that happens within their enterprise and help them submit their statutory documents to Government on time.

A Business Intelligence tool on top of Compiere helps to analyze these data to provide valuable outputs. On top of the Compiere’s Enterprise solution we have also built a Business Intelligence tool that helps them view data as graphs and make business decisions quickly.

With the help of Compiere’s Enterprise solution, we can also integrate the different channel partners by deploying the enterprise solutions to each of these channel partners for better connectivity and sales.

Here is a case study of our successful implementation of Compiere ERP to one of our customers.