Open Implementation employs best practices of ERP implementation in a simplified way through which any organization can start utilize their resources effectively even before GO Live of their ERP system.

We learnt from our survey on Indian market that every business is unique in spite of same product distribution/production/services. So it creates chaos to decision makers on choosing common ERP solution. Cost for customization is not in their budget and Effort for implementation is high. Other cost such as Recurring cost, Hardware cost, License cost, training cost etc are the cause for them to stay away from ERP solution. In our country we can see the different class of people using share auto to commute office because it is cost effective, comfort and helps to use the travel time on other activities. There is a change in mindset of business people expecting the high quality, more flexible and low cost which defers ERP implementation to their business process.

ERP Open Implementation is the term coined by TenthPlanet Technologies after 10 years of extended ERP services around the world. ERP Open Implementation is your ERP implementation for your business success. It was packaged with keys to open the solution to the following queries

  • Can ERP Implementation be Agile?
  • Can ERP be delivered step by step?
  • Can ERP fit for unique business?
  • Can ERP be flexible for end users?
  • Is ERP run on cloud?
  • Can be ERP available at fixed budget?
  • Can be ERP delivered in 101 Days?

Get to know how an Indian company transforms their IT infrastructure with the help of Compiere Cloud ERP