Pentaho Features

Data Integration

Bringing the data together, your enterprise data resides in various formats, sources, structures some even unstructured, and the rate of change of data is high at times, connecting all and making sure you have clean single point of truth to rely upon is the biggest challenge in analytics maturity cycle. Pentaho Data integration offers the best in class tools and server to orchestrate the data flow and to monitor data processing.

  • Powerful and easy to use drag and drop visual designer for your ETL workflows
  • Predefined transformation steps to cleanse, massage your data and translate it as per analytics needs
  • Capability to visualize data as you process it, which provides more insights during processing
  • Prebuilt connectors and steps for wide variety of data sources, RDBMS, NoSQL, Big Data, Flat Files, Social connect, API based data consumption all with zero coding readily available
  • Near Real-time processing capabilities for data from sensors, weblogs
  • Highly distributed and scalable environment for data processing
  • Powerful metrics to monitor and fine-tune performance
  • Clear audit logging to capture required information and to track point of failures

Data Integration Features

Refine and Format Reports