Pentaho What We DO

Pentaho Consulting Services

Planning to use Pentaho Big Data Analytics for your enterprise needs to uncover insights from your data, our consulting services simple, yet revealing process to determine the Pentaho big data analytics architecture needs and associated technologies and tools that must be employed to achieve success

Conduct scope workshops to identify priority and sequence of the requirements. Conduct solution architecture workshop to define the Pentaho Big Data blueprint with hardware, software needs for your enterprise. Install and Configure Pentaho and Big data tools on cloud or on Premise. Review source data points and capabilities to extract data and identify transformation complexities. FIT/GAP to assess high level requirements against default pentaho features. Build a POV in 3 – 6 weeks to review features of Pentaho with your data. Work Breakdown with clear milestones and iterations with proper ways to check and measure progress. Risks & Mitigation to list possible risks based on the requirements and suggest with workaround and mitigations to avoid false starts.


  • FIT / GAP Evaluation through expert demo
  • Architecture Blueprint with hardware sizing
  • Proof of Value with your Data
  • Implementation Roadmap with risk mitigations
  • Efforts & Cost for implementation and support

Pentaho proof of value

Proof of Value (POV) is defined as "evidence which demonstrates that Pentaho fits the business requirements vice versa". This powerful exercise helps to "educate and influence your business to implement a solution or process".

Tenth Planet offers you with a powerful methodology to make sure you meet your business solution expectations, using creative approach and wide technology expertise with the POV service. We are providing market insights for particular domain and assist you to elevate and scale the business by integrating, migrating and implementing an Open Source Business Intelligence.

Proof of Value Highlights

  • Live demo with Expert Assistance
  • Proof of Concept in 2 to 4 weeks
  • Comparison OSS vs COSS
  • TCO vs ROI
  • Free Trial
  • Hosted in 1 day Available 30 days

Pentaho Implementation Services

90 day agile go live implementation promise helps you to start uncover insights from your raw data with the power of Pentaho and Big Data. Simple 3 step approach to analyze, map and visualize helps to integrate clean data into a single point of truth and apply statistical models and machine learning techniques to derive value and to bring it to the hands of decision makers in the form of visuals, reports and OLAP analysis. All of these can be built in a way to be embedded with your existing solution as required.

Data Warehouse Architecture and modelling structured for scale, following best practices for both big data and relational data. Pentaho Data Integration, bring data together to clean, integrate data from various sources such as Enterprise systems, web logs, sensors, social, public data points into a single point of truth. Data Science Services using R, SCALA, Spark, Weka to incorporate standard models as well as custom models specific to your enterprise to derive value and to predict and prescribe. Pentaho Cubes for your analysts designed to provide complete multi dimensional analysis with row level security. Pentaho Reports on demand and predefined reports for operational users built and shared both online and offline depending on your needs. Pentaho Dashboards highly insightful visualizations for management users with near real time data for efficient decision making using leading edge technology for Omni channel rendering. Pentaho Embedded analytics white labelled and secured to be packaged as a value add on top of your existing enterprise solution.


  • Centralized data warehouse
  • Capability to blend enterprise data and big data on the go
  • Address your operational, tactical, strategic users
  • Scalable data integration environment to process more than million rows per minute
  • Data integration in batch mode and to share near real time data
  • Prescriptive and predictive analytics using best in class modelling tools
  • Self service capability for reduced IT dependency and to empower decision makers
  • White labelled solution for value added services and well integrated with your core solution
  • Course grained security upto row level with single sign on capability
  • Guaranteed agile go live
  • Key 7 deliverables

Pentaho Support Services

Guarantee high availability and sustainability of your Pentaho big data solution. Guaranteed SLA’s and single point contact. Incorporate your business data changes in the analytical solution to not lose track of valuable insights. Train your internal teams for support and reduce vendor dependency, and to make sure your decision makers rely less on IT and utilize the power of Pentaho Self service capability.

Upgrades and Patches rolled out on time for better stability. Flexible support models for ensuring high availability. Online Portal for incident management with complete transparency of service level. Train your enterprise users as well as IT team with our work along and work alone easy training methodology delivered by experts. Monitor performance and tune continuously to get the best expected performance. Fine tune your predictive and prescriptive models continuously increase confidence levels. Incorporate your business changes as in transaction systems into your analytics solution.


  • Named contact and single point of contact
  • On demand and monthly support models
  • Transparent incident management systems for traceability
  • Readily available Knowledge resources
  • Trained in house professionals for support
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Defined Service levels
  • Level 1, Level 2 support for pentaho product
  • Level 1 -3 Support for BI/BA applications built specific to your needss
  • Quarterly review and revisions
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Standard and premium support as required in flexi mode

Ten10 for Pentaho

Ten10 is the Service Management framework, to deliver open source services. This framework was evolved by our extensive experience in delivering services over the past 12 years. Ten10 provides assurance to our services in terms of time, cost and quality. We use this framework to deliver service in various platforms like ERP, BI and Web 2.0

The key feature of this framework is to Go Live iteratively. This feature has helped the customer to get the key business needs automated in a shorter time frame. The framework follows the Agile Methodology for the entire software life cycle. This ensures quicker iterations in discovery and design

Ten10 Key 7 Deliverables

Contract & Agreements

MOU, NDA, MSA, SOW FOR 4D and O&S, these are the only contract documents for any project for any customer, we can template them and keep them all available online editable and ready to submit for a new customer.

Business Requirement Specification

We bring all the Documents, Videos, Images, Spreadsheets, PDF, etc whatever the customer has sent to us/given to us/collected by us into this single folder for the entire duration of the project

Work Breakdown Structure

We maintain all the requirements during 4D and tickets during O&S(Operations & Support) into our "Incident Management - Service Support Desk" software and bring all the requirements [4D/O&S] into a single place with each requirement marked as Task, assigned to a person, estimated/actual hours/dates, release/milestone/iteration/sprint, and also category of incident [SR – Support Request ,CR – Change Request ,ER- Enhancement Request], that is during 4D or O&S.

Software Requirement Specification

We keep one single WIKI format and bring all the Functional specifications, Technical specifications, Test cases, Meeting notes, all related to the Scope of requirements for the project into a single document with same name (different versions) and merge all the loose end documents into one big single document called "SRS"

Source Control

We always ensure the latest source code for DEV/UAT/PREPROD/PRODUCTION environment is kept very securely and versioned/labeled and marked. Every Friday we can do a full build for any project and ensure we are not playing with single class level byte code/script insertions, etc.

Release Guide

All release related documents [ eg: Notes, User guide, Dev guide, Admin guide, SOP, How-to-videos, Environment guide, etc] in one single WIKI and keep it always the same name and different version and keep updating the same document.

Acceptance Certificate

We ensure for every project for every release gets the UAT sign off, GO LIVE sign off, Time-sheet sign off and ensure they are all 100% approved by customer always and kept safely online.