Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management software

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Case Study

Salesforce Tour: Facts and figures

We assist and guide NGOs in automating the repetitive tasks and simplifying the more complex processes.

Case study

Salesforce Tour: Facts and figures

Our Salesforce development services begin when the Solution proposed is accepted by the customer.

Case Study

Salesforce Tour: Facts and figures

We follow our unique coding style in Apex code development,strictly follow Salesforce implementations.

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We help you identify the appropriate products and the platforms offered by Salesforce for your business operations.


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We have customized our support packages suitable to your needs, from which you can choose as per your requirements.

Salesforce Customized Deployment

How do you want to handle deployment ? With Salesforce, you have three options from which to choose.

Change Sets

The easiest way to move the configuration changes from one Salesforce sandbox/environment to another sandbox/environment or to the Production. It help us to move the changes from Developer Sandbox to Test Sandbox & Test Sandbox to Production Org etc. The Change set require a deployment connection between 2 Salesforce Organisations.

Eclipse with IDE IDE is provided by Salesforce at free of cost. It is used to Creating, Modifying and Deploying the applications with the help of Eclipse IDE using the IDE plugin. Using the IDE we can back up our Salesforce Production from the cloud environment to the local environment before starting the major release to the Salesforce. Migration Tool – Ant/Java based migration tool is an Ant/Java based command line tool to move the changes from one Salesforce sandbox to another sandbox or to the Production. Once the configuration (connection) is established between 2 Salesforce sandboxes/environments, the ANT allows you to easily move the changes between sandboxes using the simple commands in the command line. Also we can automate the deployments using the Ant based Migration tool.

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