Connect Offline:

  • Connect Offline is an application for Client that allows you to access records in Salesforce while the user in offline.
  • We can give access to a particular subset of records termed as the briefcase which can be accessed through Connect Offline.
  • The major highlights is Admin can provide access to various offline users to match their needs for different profiles by creating multiple briefcase configurations.

Setup access to the users:

To view and Updated records in Offline below permission should be given to the appropriate type of record

  • To view records – Read permission
  • To updated records – Create, Edit or Delete permissions

Install Connect Offline App:

    1. Go to My Settings ->Desktop Add-ons->click connect offline, it displays the below screen


  1. Click Install Now and follow the steps on Setup wizard to complete the installation.

Setup the Briefcase in Salesforce:

    1. Go to Setup->Desktop Administration->click Offline Briefcase Configurations and Click on New Offline Briefcase Configuration, it displays the below screen.


  1. Provide the appropriate name and check the Active checkbox to make this configuration active.
  2. Select the user and profile who will use the Briefcase configuration and click Save.
  3. After saving, click the Edit button in the Data Sets section.
  4. In Data Sets page as shown below click the Add button to add the objects and fill the necessary fields. To remove the object from user view, select the object and click Remove button. 

Log in to the Connect Offline App:

  1. First time login you must have the internet connection
  2. In your desktop click the ‘Connect Offline’ app and enter your username and password (appended with security token)
  1. Now you can start creating records in offline mode as shown below.
  1. Click on Synchronize Briefcase on top right corner of the page when you are plugged in with internet.
  2. On clicking Synchronize Briefcase, all data which were created offline are synced with Salesforce.

Below are the system requirements to use the Connect offline tool:

  • Operating Systems – Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7  
  • Browser – Microsoft, Internet Explorer version 6, 7, or 8