Salesforce Professional Services

Salesforce Professional Services

Salesforce can tremendously improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. However, implementing Salesforce properly can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive for an organization without prior experience. With our many years of experience, we deliver quality Salesforce development services quickly and cost-effectively, at minimal risk to our clients.

Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Pardot,,,, etc., there are numerous Salesforce products, each with their own set of features and usefulness. We consult organizations on narrowing down to the right set of Salesforce products and bolt-on customizations that most cost efficiently meet their business needs. is an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform. enables ISVs to develop products up to five times faster, and at much lower costs as compared to traditional software platforms. With our unrivaled development experience, we can help you accelerate product development on while saving over 50% in costs.

Tenth Planet assists organizations to get all the benefits from Salesforce standard functionalities and also develop custom Salesforce applications using to satisfy unique business requirements wherever the standard functionalities are inadequate. We are committed to help you realize the true possibilities offered by Salesforce products and its platform to improve your business operations.

Salesforce consulting for NPOs

Tenth Planet offers complete range of Salesforce services to support nonprofit organizations, from configuring a Salesforce instance for NPOs to developing complex solutions and integrations on the Salesforce platform.

Our years of experience in working with NPOs gives us great domain expertise and helps us design solutions that solve business problems specific to Nonprofits. Our salesforce developers work along with you to analyze and design the right Salesforce solution for your nonprofit organization.

Npos services

  • Out-of-the-box Salesforce features
  • Custome development
  • Integration
  • Legacy data migration
  • User training

Our developers can help you build a unified platform to efficiently track donations, grants, events, communications, constituents, volunteers, members, grantees, partners, clients, constituent, relationship, financial, campaign, soft credits and much more, from anywhere and on any device.

Salesforce consulting

Salesforce is a highly customizable and extendable solution. To properly utilize its potential, it’s important to strategize and plan how exactly you can use all its features and how you can implement your business specific workflows in the solution. A properly planned and implemented solution can save a lot of time and resources.

We are experts in planning out the most efficient Salesforce process workflows that meet your business demands. We advise organizations at every step of their Salesforce adoption process.

Main services

  • Salesforce workflow development
  • Creating adoption strategy
  • Consulting on feature sets and customization
  • Building future Salesforce roadmap

salesforce custom App development

From Salesforce AppExchange apps to custom apps, we provide complete development services around custom Salesforce based apps.


We will work with you to perform detailed requirements analysis, gap analysis, feasibility studies, and cost analysis of the platform.


We prototype within 2 weeks to 4 weeks for early user feedback on functionality, usability, and to validate application design approach.


  • Salesforce AppExchange
  • Automation App
  • Salesforce1 Mobile Apps
  • Visualforce-based Web Apps
  • Custom UI/UX designing
  • Lightning components
  • Migration to
  • Custom community portal


We design & develop user-experience-driven applications that are highly efficient, customizable, and easy to integrate.


We package, publish and manage applications on AppExchange for our customers. We offer user training, customization, enhancements, and integration of your product with third-party applications.

Salesforce Integration

We help organizations integrate Salesforce seamlessly and smoothly with 3rd Party Software solutions, and experience in connecting all types of cloud based, server system based solutions, external database systems with Salesforce.

Integrating Through Custom Adapter

We design and develop custom integration solutions that help integrate 3rd party solutions with Salesforce via highly flexible and extendable self hosted or hosted integration apps.

Third-party integrations

  • Integration using Tools
  • Custom integration
  • API development
  • Integration APP development
  • AppExchange compliance
  • Lightning, Salesforce1 ready

We also help organization, especially Software Vendors, develop Saleforce AppExchange integration apps.

Integration For Enterprises

Multiple Integrations:
We are experts in creating custom integration adapters that act as integration service bus to help integrate multiple solutions with Salesforce.

Salesforce and Mobile Integration:
Make your team truly mobile through Salesforce integrated mobile solutions.

AppExchange Integration Apps:
We have special expertise in creating custom AppExchange compatible integration Salesforce apps for Software Vendors.

salesforce support

Tenth Planet offers Salesforce support and maintenance services that provide clients with access to Salesforce experts for administrative and development issues with no long term commitments. We guarantee minimal risk and outstanding service to all our clients.


We will proactively monitor your Salesforce implementation, identify areas of improvement, recommend courses of action, develop best practices, and create an improvement plan.


  • 24/7 support desk
  • Ongoing advice
  • Quick enhancement
  • Maintenance of cloud solution


Our ongoing administration and maintenance services include user management, security management, standard and custom object maintenance, data management, and package maintenance.

Help Desk

End-user adoption is perhaps the most critical success factor in a CRM implementation. We offer comprehensive training and help desk support services to ensure high end-user adoption.

TEN10 FOR SALESFORCE development

Ten10 is the Service Management framework, to deliver open source services. This framework was evolved by our extensive experience in delivering services over the past 12 years. Ten10 provides assurance to our services in terms of time, cost and quality. We use this framework to deliver service in various platforms like ERP, BI and Web 2.0

The key feature of this framework is to Go Live iteratively. This feature has helped the customer to get the key business needs automated in a shorter time frame. The framework follows the Agile Methodology for the entire software life cycle. This ensures quicker iterations in discovery and design

Ten10 Key 7 Deliverables

Contract Agreements

MOU, NDA, MSA, SOW FOR 4D and O&S, these are the only contract documents for any project for any customer, we can template them and keep them all available online editable and ready to submit for a new customer.

Business Requirement Specification

We bring all the Documents, Videos, Images, Spreadsheets, PDF, etc whatever the customer has sent to us/given to us/collected by us into this single folder for the entire duration of the project

Work Breakdown Structure

We maintain all the requirements during 4D and tickets during O&S(Operations & Support) into our "Incident Management - Service Support Desk" software and bring all the requirements [4D/O&S] into a single place with each requirement marked as Task, assigned to a person, estimated/actual hours/dates, release/milestone/iteration/sprint, and also category of incident [SR – Support Request ,CR – Change Request ,ER- Enhancement Request], that is during 4D or O&S.

Software Requirement Specification

We keep one single WIKI format and bring all the Functional specifications, Technical specifications, Test cases, Meeting notes, all related to the Scope of requirements for the project into a single document with same name (different versions) and merge all the loose end documents into one big single document called "SRS"

Source Control Management

We always ensure the latest source code for DEV/UAT/PREPROD/PRODUCTION environment is kept very securely and versioned/labeled and marked. Every Friday we can do a full build for any project and ensure we are not playing with single class level byte code/script insertions, etc.

Release Guide

All release related documents [ eg: Notes, User guide, Dev guide, Admin guide, SOP, How-to-videos, Environment guide, etc] in one single WIKI and keep it always the same name and different version and keep updating the same document.

Acceptance Certificate

We ensure for every project for every release gets the UAT sign off, GO LIVE sign off, Time-sheet sign off and ensure they are all 100% approved by customer always and kept safely online.