Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Compiere ERP an Overview :

Compiere Enterprise is a modern, highly adaptable, enterprise class business solution that can be deployed on premise or on the Cloud. Compiere ERP improves business agility and dramatically lowers cost of ownership.

  • Compiere’s design enables applications to be easily customized and extended “without programming. Applications are defined as objects in an Active Data Dictionary.
  • Changes are easily made using a modern “drag and drop” Visual Dictionary Editor. Your IT staff will easily embrace the techniques required to extend Compiere.
  • Compiere’s innovative design reduces the cost and effort associated with upgrading business applications.
  • Compiere’s Automated Upgrade Technology enables seamless migration to new software versions while preserving all Dictionary based customizations, saving significant time and cost compared to traditional systems.

Compiere Licensing

Two types of Compiere Licensing are available

1. Open Source License (GPL)

2. Commercial License

The Compiere Enterprise Edition is distributed under a Commercial License for customers who are unable to abide by the terms of the GPL license. A Commercial License offers many customers a degree of flexibility not provided by the GPL.