Do you have a specific implementation plan?

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Do you have a specific implementation plan.

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We promise a 90 day go live implementation plan with unlimited customization.  We do a Milestone based release to UAT periodically, so that users can test and provide their acceptance iteratively.

  • Collect Requirement from Customer based on Compiere ERP

  • Break Down Customer requirement into WBS

  • Fit – Gap Analysis based on Compiere ERP

  • Arrive at Modules and Features based on our product service catalogue

  • Categorize the Features

    • Support Request

    • Change Request

    • Enhancement Request

  • Scope Agreement

    • If any change comes during development after the initial scope change, we will get approval from the key stakeholders and include it in the plan.  The plan might get changed due to this change.

  • Estimate & Schedule

    • Start Date and Due Date

    • Iteration

    • Milestone

  • Release to UAT (By Milestone, Iteration and Sprint basis)

    • If any Bug arises during users testing, those bugs will be fixed and released as part of the next release.

  • Get UAT Acceptance

    • Once the users complete the testing in the UAT environment and if the system works as expected, the users have to provide an UAT Acceptance for the features/modules tested.

  • Training

    • Before Go Live we will provide training for different users like System Administrators, Functional Users and the Top Management.


    • After Go Live, we will provide 15 days Production Support and after that the Project will come under Operations & Support contract.

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