Compiere ERP for Healthcare products Services and Maintenance

Initial Configuration Management

  • Working Days
  • Demographics
  • Territory
  • SMS Message Template
  • PM Configuration

Instrument Management

  • Instrument category
  • Managing Instrument to create contract and tickets
  • Manage Spares
  • Maintain Application Error Code

Partner Management

  • Customer Department
  • Account Classification to segregate the customer
  • Manage Customer
  • Maintain customer contract details
  • Manage Preventive Maintenance Details
  • Manage Employee classification
  • Manage Employee
  • Channel Partner which maintain distributor details

Ticket Management

  • Creation of ticket (Request) in application
  • Creation of ticket (Request) via SMS
  • Creation of ticket (Request) via 3rd party software
  • Option to create Breakdown calls, Scheduled calls, TechSupport calls
  • Maintain Breakdown calls
  • Maintain Scheduled calls
  • Maintain TechSupport calls
  • SMS send to customer once closed the ticket
  • SMS send to engineer once open the ticket
  • Ticket status change manually in application
  • Ticket status change through SMS
  • Ticket status change through 3rd party software
  • Capture the ‘Technical findings’ in tickets
  • Capture the ‘suggestions to customer’ in tickets
  • Ticket assigned date time and Closed date time captured
  • Field service reporting create against the tickets
  • Error option to select in Field Service Reporting
  • Field service reporting – approval by report engineer
  • Escalation SMS send to ‘Reporting engineer’ about pending tickets
  • Escalation SMS will be send to ‘Business Unit Head’ about pending tickets
  • Preventive maintenance ticket create each month via scheduler
  • Maintenance contract ticket create each month via scheduler
  • 'Post installation audit’ ticket create via scheduler
  • Renew Contract option to update existing contract
  • Ticket list report to list out all the tickets

Collaboration Management

  • Create spare quotation to capture spare details
  • Print the spare quotation to send mail to customer
  • Create spare request to confirm
  • Send auto email to distribution team about spare request
  • AMC/CMC Quotation create and send print to customer
  • Tour planner to maintain scheduled tickets for particular engineer
  • Calibration Certificate print for list of products
  • Preventive Maintenance list report
  • Customer contract list report
  • Field service reporting list report
  • No Contract Customer list