Compiere for Nutritional Pharma Distribution

Relationship Management

handles activities such as recording customer interactions, sales tracking, prospecting etc

  • Configure Customer Program
  • Configure Customer Class
  • Manage the threshold limits of the customer
  • Manage the threshold limits of the customer
  • Configure Sub Channel
  • Configure Sales Person
  • Business Intelligence reports
  • Configure Credit limit
  • Configure Approval level
  • Configure Email
  • Configure Partner Price List
  • Capture Partner Audit Log

Sales Order Management

manage sales orders, delivery notes and invoices through this module

  • Manage the Sales Order
  • Available to Promise Verification
  • Create Sales Order with Promotion
  • Duplicate Order Checking
  • Credit Limit checking
  • 90 days backdated validation
  • Document type based warehouse restriction
  • Campaigns validation
  • Generate Purchase Order from Sales Order
  • Subscription and renewal frequency - we can remove this
  • Batch Sales Order Approval
  • Sales Order Integration with SFA
  • Multi Campaign in Single SO
  • Packaging Sales based on BOM
  • Daily Sales Outstanding Validation


manage delivery orders, sales order and the goods are delivered to the customers

  • Generate Delivery Order from Sales Order
  • Picking List per Customer location
  • Print the Delivery Order when needed
  • Manage Shipment Packages
  • Package Tracking
  • Generate Shipments
  • Shipments for open Orders
  • Generate GRN
  • Manage Transport Manifest

Sales Invoice

manage invoices, payment term discounts and update customer returns

  • Generate Invoice from Order
  • Tax will be created by default
  • An invoice can be edited until it is processed
  • Price list zoom should be enabled/disable
  • Tax zoom should be enabled/disable
  • Payment Term Discount
  • Invoice Payment Schedule
  • Print Invoices
  • Generate Batch Invoices
  • Manage Credit Memos

Customer Payment

measure received payments over or under amount is + or – 200

  • Payment Allocation
  • Disable the automatic write-off
  • Cash and Direct Deposit Tender type
  • Manually dunning letter to customer
  • Process Payment
  • Manage Cash Journal
  • Over / Under Payment
  • Print Dunning Letters
  • Payment Integrations
  • Batch Payment Process


relates to the buying process of businesses

  • Manage and Process Purchase Order
  • Manage Material, Process Receipt
  • Receipt Confirmation
  • Print Receipt (GRN)
  • Create MR Line from Order
  • Create Invoice from Receipt
  • Manage Invoice
  • Insurance, Import Duty and Tax
  • Create Invoice Line from PO
  • Create Receipt from Invoice
  • Manage Vendor Payment
  • Process Vendor Payment
  • Purchase Order Summary
  • Purchase Order Detail
  • Purchase Automation
  • Multi port Shipments
  • Automatic Procurement from OEM

Material Management

process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling etc

  • Customer material policy is FEFO (First Expiry First Out)
  • Customer captures lot and expiry date of product
  • The customer manages their product hierarchy
  • Business intelligence reports
  • Product Stage
  • Product Rank
  • Manage Product
  • Discontinue Product
  • Deactivate Product
  • Physical Inventory
  • Manage Fleet
  • Consignment Order Report
  • Manage Gift Product
  • Manage Tally Sheet
  • Branch Transfers

Customer Returns

customer segregates their return goods via return due

  • Customer segregates their return goods
  • Define Return Policy
  • Validate Original Order
  • Manage Customer Return
  • Customer Exchange (Same Price)
  • Customer Exchange (Different Price)
  • Manage and Process Credit Note

Costing Management

to manage your costs effectively, you must understand the costs

  • Manage your Product costs effectively
  • Product Cost
  • Landed Cost
  • Average cost calculation
  • Product Cost Detail
  • Product Cost Summary
  • Calculated every day for the whole company - we can reove this
  • FIFO Costing

Cash Management

provides information relating to cash flow of the organization

  • View Allocation
  • View Bank Statement
  • The Bank Statement – Accounting Consequences
  • Open Items - displays all unpaid invoices
  • Aging
  • Payment Allocation
  • Unrecognized Payments
  • Unallocated Invoices
  • Payment Details
  • Business Partner Open Amount

Integrations Management

integrated with different systems to make system automated for sales, invoice and payment process

  • Integration with HSBC for payment transfers
  • Integration with HSBC with GPG Encryption
  • Integration with DMS system for order processing
  • Integration with E-Invoice System
  • Integration with Infor
  • Integration with SFA
  • Integration with Acumatica

Others Reports

analysing sales by customers, sku, aging, open invoice, open orders etc

  • Sales Order Summary
  • Display fields should be configurable
  • Export the report in CSV format
  • The report will be displayed in tabular format
  • Open Drop Shipment Orders
  • Sales Report by ABC
  • Sales Report Excluding Promotions
  • Sales by Invoice Date
  • Sales By product category Summary
  • Create a Back Order Report
  • Cash Journal Detail
  • Marketing Budget Vs Sellout

Accounting Reports

Reports to see the accounting related ledger accounts

  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • General Ledger
  • Accounting Fact Summary Report
  • Accounting Fact Detail Report
  • GL Journal Report

Compliance Reports

Reports to see the compliance related data

  • D56 Summary Report
  • D56 Detail Report
  • D56 Zero Revenue Report
  • D11 Report
  • GAAP Ledger Report
  • GAAP Adjustment Report
  • GAAP Period Change List Report

Inventory Reports

Reports to see the Inventory transactions, stock counts, Inventory valuation etc

  • Item Master Report
  • Stock On Hand Report
  • Inventory Transaction Report
  • Inventory InOut by Company/Branch
  • Inventory In by Company/Branch
  • Inventory Out by Company/Branch
  • Closing Inventory by Company/Branch
  • FIFO Inventory Report
  • Cost of Goods Sold Report
  • Inventory Shelf Life Report
  • Master Inventory Report
  • Inventory Valuation Report
  • Inventory Write-Off Report
  • List of GIT Import
  • List of Goods Issue Note
  • List of Goods Returned
  • List of Goods Receipt Note

Sales Reports

Reports to see the sales related data, promotional data, Revenue data etc

  • Daily Sales Report
  • External Revenue Report
  • List of Promotion Sales
  • Tax Invoice List
  • InterBranch NetOff Report
  • Document Status Report
  • Bank Account Summary Report
  • Debtor Ledger Trade
  • Detail Debtor Ledger
  • Cash Advance Aging Report
  • Cash Account Summary Report
  • Time deposit account summary Report
  • Master Details AR Report
  • Payment Allocation Report
  • Unallocated Payment Report
  • Credit Limit Override Report
  • Cash Book - AR Trade
  • Cash Book - AR Trade Role
  • Credit Limit Override Report
  • Credit Limit Temporary Change Report
  • Customer With No Sales
  • Delivery Confirmation detail report
  • DeliveryOrderConfirmation
  • Document Status Report
  • Individual Credit MTS
  • Individual Credit Report (MTS)
  • Individual Debit Report
  • Invoice Detail & Margin
  • Invoice Not Realized Gain/Loss
  • Master Balance by Customer (Daily)
  • Master Balance by Customer (Monthly)
  • Master Balance by Salesman (Daily)
  • Master Balance by Salesman (Monthly)
  • Master Credit Report (MTS)
  • Master Customer Change List_Direct
  • Master Customer Change List_InDirect
  • Master Customer List
  • Master Customer List_Direct
  • Master Customer List_InDirect
  • Master PriceList Change List Report
  • WriteOff Report
  • Cash Book Non Trade Report
  • Bank Account Summary

Purchase Reports

Reports to see the purchase related data and its stock, valuation details

  • Master Detail AP Report
  • Unallocated AP Payment Report
  • Vendor Ledger Trade
  • Detail Vendor Ledger
  • NTA Payment Report-With PO
  • NTA Payment Report-Without PO
  • Master NTA PO Change List
  • Master NTA PO Report
  • Open NTA PO Report
  • PO Matching Details
  • PO Matching Report
  • Product Cost Detail
  • Product Cost Summary
  • Reversal Void Invoice List
  • RMA Summary
  • Storage Detail
  • Vendor List Report
  • Partner Bank Account Report
  • Generate Payment Summary Report
  • AP Payment Status Report
  • List of Payment Summary Report
  • Master AP Payment Change List
  • Payment File Report