Run Your Retail Chain with Open Source Compiere ERP

Point of Sale

Uninterrupted, Fast and accurate billing

  • User-friendly user interface
  • Quick Refund, Exchanges options
  • Bill Hold & Retrieve
  • Bill Cancel & Reprint
  • Uninterrupted sales using Offline POS
  • Multi-paymodes and split payments
  • Daily Counter Closing
  • Point of Sale Daily Settlements
  • Quick Product & Customer Search
  • Search bills for easy reference
  • Pole Display
  • Cash Drawer Integration
  • Manage Quotations

Purchase Management

get to know previous margins and bargain more with vendors and reduce cost

  • Create/Manage purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order generate based on Ordering Methods
  • Purchase Order based GRN (Goods Receipt Note)
  • Hand Held Terminal App for receiving stock
  • Capture Overheads for accurate Cost
  • Print Barcode stickers from GRN
  • Manage Purchase Return
  • Accounts Payable Credit Memo Management
  • Batch generation of Accounts Payable Invoices
  • Consolidate payments by vendors/invoices

Inventory Management

accurate & efficient real time stock maintenance

  • Manage Products and Product Attribtues
  • Multiple unit of measurements
  • Configure and print multiple barcodes
  • Produce packaged products
  • Opening Stock Update
  • Cycle Counting and Inventory Adjustment
  • Stock Transfers
  • Inventory Movement Package
  • HHT based Stock Take
  • HHT based Barcode scanning/printing
  • Pick List Generation
  • HHT based goods Receipt
  • HHT based Vendor Return

Price Management

manage and maintain multiple Selling & Purchase Prices efficiently

  • Margin based Selling Price calculation
  • Markup/Markdown Management
  • Wholesale Price Management
  • Batch update of Selling Prices of products
  • Configure GST Taxes
  • Manage/Apply Gate Keeping Margins
  • Multi-pricelist management

CRM & Promotions Management

Bring in more customers and add value to existing customers using Compiere Retail ERPs CRM & Promotion features

  • Quickly Configurable Promotions
  • Bill Wise Promotions
  • Item Wise Promotions
  • Product Attribute Wise Promotions
  • Coupon Promotion
  • Cash Discounts
  • Loyalty Card and Points
  • OTP for Voucher Printing
  • Points, Coupon Redemption
  • Promotion based sales reports
  • Automatic Promotion Close
  • Customer vs. Sales Tracking

Multi Store Management

manage multiple branches from remote and have centralized control

  • Multi Store Maintenance
  • Centralized master data maintenance
  • Store-wise consolidated reports
  • Data Synchronization
  • Daily Reports via Automated Email
  • Store specific features control
  • Branch-Wise stock transfer
  • Centralized product code creation


Production Management

use standard product conversion features to create new products from existing products

  • Product Configuration
  • Unit of Measure
  • UOM & Conversion Management
  • Product Packaging
  • Convert one product to another

Security Management

keep your software secure by providing right access to right people

  • Role-based user login
  • Role-based menu, process control
  • Secure Bill Cancel & Bill discount
  • Encrypted Password Management
  • Role-based restricted record access
  • Audit Viewer and Logs
  • Access to specific warehouses
  • Restricted info screens
  • Option to view Draft Records

Data Migration

migrate from legacy system quickly and go live

  • Master Data Migration
  • Transaction Data Migration
  • Pre-built templates for Migration
  • Excel sheet based data migration
  • Custom Migration*
  • Migrate from any legacy database


integrate your Compiere Retail ERP with other APIs third party solutions to add value to customer

  • SMS integration for instant alerts
  • Loyalty Point integration
  • Credit/Debit card device integration
  • Cash Drawer Integration
  • POS Printer Integration
  • Barcode scanner Integration
  • Hand-Held Terminal Integration
  • PayTM Integration for quick payments
  • Mobile POS Integration for Express checkouts
  • e-commerce Integration
  • Mobile App-Based Reports
  • Capillary CRM Integration

Sales Reports

Get to know outstanding amount from customers, loyalty points given, sales penetration and sales performance and other important sales info to improve sales

  • Sales Performance Report
  • Sales Attribute Report
  • Summary of Sales Report
  • Summary of Sales Report (Daily)
  • Department Wise Sales Report
  • Cancelled Bill Report
  • Counterwise Item Sales Report
  • Manual Discount Report - Bill Wise
  • Sales against Paymode Report
  • POS Product Exchange Report
  • POS Product Refund Report
  • Paymode Wise Sales Report
  • Billwise Sales Detail Report
  • Cashier Wise Sales Report
  • Terminal Wise Sales Report
  • Hold Bills Report
  • Credit Card Sales Report
  • Sales Penetration Report
  • Hourly Sales Report
  • HSNCode Wise Sales Report
  • HSNCode Wise Sales Tax Report
  • Sales Tax Report with GST - Item Wise
  • Sales Tax Report with GST - Counter Wise
  • GST Total Customer Sales Summary Report
  • Sales VAT Report Bill Wise
  • HSN Code Wise GST Bill Report
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Sales Tax Report with GST - Bill Wise
  • Sales VAT Report - Item Wise
  • Bill No Count Report
  • Promotion Sales Report (Bill Wise)
  • Promotion Detail
  • Promotion Sales
  • Coupon Redeemed Report
  • Coupon Summary Report
  • Coupon Issued Report
  • Loyalty Points Summary Report
  • Outstanding Redeem Points Report
  • Loyalty Transaction Details by Product
  • Customer Summary Report
  • Customer Aging Report
  • Customer Ledger Report
  • Cr.Customer Outstanding Report
  • Credit Sales Receipt Report
  • Customer Summary Report (Date)
  • Customer Wise Sales Report

Purchase Reports

Get to know the different dimensions of Purchase like Vendor Outstanding, Department Wise Purchase and Tax Information on a click Department Wise Purchase Report

  • Purchase Summarty Report
  • Purchase Tax Report with GST
  • Purchase Summary Report with GST
  • Vendor Analysis Report
  • Fill Rate By Purchase Order
  • Fill Rate Report by Product
  • Fill Rate by Vendor
  • Vendor Ledger Report
  • Purchase Order Matching Report
  • Purchase Order Status Report
  • Purchase Attribute Report
  • Purchase Detail Report
  • Purchase Detail Report with GST
  • Purchase Order Matching Report with GST
  • Purchase Return Detail Report
  • Purchase Return Detail Report with GST
  • Purchase Return Summary Report
  • Purchase Return Summary Report with GST
  • HSNCode Wise Purchase Tax Report
  • Date Wise Purchase Tax Report
  • Batch Deactive/Reactive List
  • Promotion Deactive List

Logistics Report

Get to know the latest stock information and avoid stock outs Stock Variance Report

  • Stock Transfer Completed Report
  • Stock Transfer Pending Report
  • InTransit Report
  • Stock Adjustment Report
  • Storage Detail Report (New)
  • Transaction Attribute Report

HQ Reports

View Branch Wise Purchase, Sales, Inventory reports in a summary to understand the overall picture Purchase Summary - Report HQ

  • Department Wise Sales Report HQ
  • Sales Performance Report HQ
  • Stock Adjustment Report HQ