Run Your Retail Chain with Open Source Compiere ERP

Point of Sale

Uninterrupted, Fast and accurate billing

  • User-friendly user interface
  • Customer Info - F2
  • Weighing Scale Integration
  • Voucher Redemption
  • Free Item Promotion
  • Price Promotion
  • Group Promotion
  • Advanced Promotion
  • Bill-Wise Promotion
  • Advanced Pay Modes
  • Bill Reprint - F1
  • Offline Mode Sales
  • Bill Cancel - F3
  • Bill Refund - PageUp
  • Bill Exchange - F5
  • Bill Hold/Retrieve - F6
  • Capture Denominations - F7
  • Credit Bills - F8
  • Bill Search - F9
  • Item Search - F12
  • Item Delete - F11
  • Bulk Item Delete - Insert
  • Customer Creation - F2
  • SMS Integration
  • Cash Drawer Integration
  • Pole Display
  • Daily Counter Closing
  • PayTM Integration
  • Bill Discount
  • Calculator Utility
  • Capture Door Delivery Sales
  • Capture eCommerce Sales
  • Order Number Display
  • Formatted Bill
  • Total Items Display
  • Total Qty Display
  • Last Scanned Item Display
  • Cashier Info Display
  • Last Bill Display
  • Last Bill Amount Display
  • Price change
  • Qty change
  • Paymode change
  • Capture original bill info for Refund/Exchange orders
  • Daily Counter Closing
  • Point of Sale Daily Settlements
  • Quick Product Search
  • Easy Customer Search
  • Bill Search for reference
  • Manage Quotations

Purchase Management

get to know previous margins and bargain more with vendors and reduce cost

  • Create/Manage purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order generate based on Ordering Methods
  • Purchase Order based GRN(Goods Receipt Note)
  • Hand Held Terminal App for receiving stock
  • Capture Overheads for accurate Cost
  • Print Barcode stickers from GRN(Goods Receipt Note)
  • Manage Purchase Return
  • Accounts Payable Credit Memo Management
  • Batch generation of Accounts Payable Invoices
  • Consolidate payments by vendors/invoices

Inventory Management

accurate & efficient real time stock maintenance

  • Manage Products and Product Attribtues
  • Multiple unit of measurements
  • Configure and print multiple barcodes
  • Produce packaged products
  • Opening Stock Update
  • Cycle Counting and Inventory Adjustment
  • Stock Transfers
  • Inventory Movement Package
  • HHT(Hand Held Terminal) based Stock Take
  • HHT(Hand Held Terminal) based Barcode scanning/printing
  • Pick List Generation
  • HHT(Hand Held Terminal) based goods Receipt
  • HHT(Hand Held Terminal) based Vendor Return
  • Automated Replenish Qty setting for products
  • Auto Purchase Order generation based on Product Replenish Qty

Price Management

manage and maintain multiple Selling & Purchase Prices efficiently

  • Margin based Selling Price calculation
  • Markup/Markdown Management
  • Wholesale Price Management
  • Batch update of Selling Prices of products
  • Configure GST Taxes
  • Manage/Apply Gate Keeping Margins
  • Multi-pricelist management
  • Provision for capturing Tax Collected at Source in Goods Receipt Note

CRM & Promotions Management

Bring in more customers and add value to existing customers using Compiere Retail ERPs CRM & Promotion features

  • Quickly Configurable Promotions
  • Bill Wise Promotions
  • Item Wise Promotions
  • Product Attribute Wise Promotions
  • Coupon Promotion
  • Cash Discounts
  • Loyalty Card and Points
  • OTP(One-Time Password) for Voucher Printing
  • Points, Coupon Redemption
  • Promotion based sales reports
  • Automatic Promotion Close
  • Customer vs. Sales Tracking

Multi Store Management

manage multiple branches from remote and have centralized control

  • Multi Store Maintenance
  • Centralized master data maintenance
  • Store-wise consolidated reports
  • Data Synchronization
  • Daily Reports via Automated Email
  • Store specific features control
  • Branch-Wise stock transfer
  • Centralized product code creation
  • Manage HQ Products
  • Manage Branch Products
  • Export Product Master from HQ
  • Import Product Master into Branches


Production Management

use standard product conversion features to create new products from existing products

  • Product Configuration
  • Unit of Measure
  • UOM(Unit Of Measure) & Conversion Management
  • Product Packaging
  • Convert one product to another

Security Management

keep your software secure by providing right access to right people

  • Role-based user login
  • Role-based menu, process control
  • Secure Bill Cancel & Bill discount
  • Encrypted Password Management
  • Role-based restricted record access
  • Audit Viewer and Logs
  • Access to specific warehouses
  • Restricted info screens
  • Option to view Draft Records

Data Migration

migrate from legacy system quickly and go live

  • Master Data Migration
  • Transaction Data Migration
  • Pre-built templates for Migration
  • Excel sheet based data migration
  • Custom Migration*
  • Migrate from any legacy database


integrate your Compiere Retail ERP with other APIs third party solutions to add value to customer

  • SMS integration for instant alerts
  • Loyalty Point integration
  • Credit/Debit card device integration
  • Cash Drawer Integration
  • POS(Point Of Sale) Printer Integration
  • Barcode scanner Integration
  • Hand-Held Terminal Integration
  • PayTM Integration for quick payments
  • Mobile POS(Point Of Sale) Integration for Express checkouts
  • e-commerce Integration
  • Mobile App-Based Reports
  • Capillary CRM(Customer Relationship Management) Integration
  • Gift Card Integration
  • Edenred TXPress Integration
  • Weighing Scale Device Integration with POS

Sales Reports

Get to know outstanding amount from customers, loyalty points given, sales penetration and sales performance and other important sales info to improve sales

  • Sales Performance Report
  • Sales Attribute Report
  • Summary of Sales Report
  • Summary of Sales Report (Daily)
  • Department Wise Sales Report
  • Cancelled Bill Report
  • Counterwise Item Sales Report
  • Manual Discount Report - Bill Wise
  • Sales against Paymode Report
  • POS(Point Of Sale) Product Exchange Report
  • POS(Point Of Sale) Product Refund Report
  • Paymode Wise Sales Report
  • Billwise Sales Detail Report
  • Cashier Wise Sales Report
  • Terminal Wise Sales Report
  • Hold Bills Report
  • Credit Card Sales Report
  • Sales Penetration Report
  • Hourly Sales Report
  • HSNCode(Harmonized System Code) Wise Sales Report
  • HSNCode(Harmonized System Code) Wise Sales Tax Report
  • Sales Tax Report with GST - Item Wise
  • Sales Tax Report with GST - Counter Wise
  • GST Total Customer Sales Summary Report
  • Sales VAT Report Bill Wise
  • HSNCode(Harmonized System Code) Wise GST Bill Report
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Sales Tax Report with GST - Bill Wise
  • Sales VAT Report - Item Wise
  • Bill No Count Report
  • Promotion Sales Report (Bill Wise)
  • Promotion Detail
  • Promotion Sales
  • Coupon Redeemed Report
  • Coupon Summary Report
  • Coupon Issued Report
  • Loyalty Points Summary Report
  • Outstanding Redeem Points Report
  • Loyalty Transaction Details by Product
  • Customer Summary Report
  • Customer Aging Report
  • Customer Ledger Report
  • Cr.Customer Outstanding Report
  • Credit Sales Receipt Report
  • Customer Summary Report (Date)
  • Customer Wise Sales Report

Purchase Reports

Get to know the different dimensions of Purchase like Vendor Outstanding, Department Wise Purchase and Tax Information on a click Department Wise Purchase Report

  • Purchase Summarty Report
  • Purchase Tax Report with GST
  • Purchase Summary Report with GST
  • Vendor Analysis Report
  • Fill Rate By Purchase Order
  • Fill Rate Report by Product
  • Fill Rate by Vendor
  • Vendor Ledger Report
  • Purchase Order Matching Report
  • Purchase Order Status Report
  • Purchase Attribute Report
  • Purchase Detail Report
  • Purchase Detail Report with GST
  • Purchase Order Matching Report with GST
  • Purchase Return Detail Report
  • Purchase Return Detail Report with GST
  • Purchase Return Summary Report
  • Purchase Return Summary Report with GST
  • HSNCode(Harmonized System Code) Wise Purchase Tax Report
  • Date Wise Purchase Tax Report
  • Batch Deactive/Reactive List
  • Promotion Deactive List
  • GRN List without AP Invoices
  • Replenish Report

Logistics Report

Get to know the latest stock information and avoid stock outs Stock Variance Report

  • Stock Transfer Completed Report
  • Stock Transfer Pending Report
  • InTransit Report
  • Stock Adjustment Report
  • Storage Detail Report
  • Transaction Attribute Report
  • Vendor Wise Purchase Report
  • Stock Value Report
  • Stock Aging Report
  • Product Expiry Detail Report
  • Scanned/Missed Stock Take Locator Detail

HQ Reports

View Branch Wise Purchase, Sales, Inventory reports in a summary to understand the overall picture Purchase Summary - Report HQ

  • Department Wise Sales Report HQ(Head Quarter)
  • Sales Performance Report HQ(Head Quarter)
  • Stock Adjustment Report HQ(Head Quarter)