Taste of success on Compiere Cloud a Trading business to expand globally

Security Management

keep your software secure by providing right access to right people

  • OTP based 2nd Layer Authentication login
  • Role-based User Login
  • Role-based Organization access
  • Role-based screen access
  • Encrypted Password Management
  • Audit View and Logs
  • Change Management Audit

Data Migration

migrate from legacy system quickly

  • Master Data Migration
  • Transaction Data Migration Opening setup
  • Migrate old version to latest Compiere version

RelationShip Management

maintenance of relationships between a company and its external partners, especially its clients

  • Manage Customer Details
  • Manage Vendor Details
  • Manage Employee Details
  • Manage Customer Credit Limit
  • Maintain Location for shipping, invoicing and billing address

Purchase Management

control inventory levels and costs associated with purchasing the items

  • Raise quotation and invite vendors
  • Best price response from invited Vendors
  • Raise PO from RFQ response
  • Raise Purchase with regular suppliers
  • Raise partial vendor shipment from single Purchase Contract
  • BL No Tracking for Vendor Shipment
  • Automate Invoicing from Vendor Shipment
  • Email Alert Print documents to Vendor

Sales Management

the process of efficiently tracking and fulfilling sales orders

  • Raise Inquiry to follow customer
  • Raise Quotation and agree with the Price
  • Convert Sales Quotation to Sales Contract
  • Track country and port during sales processing
  • Weekly based Release for VMI customers
  • Manual Release from the single Sales contract
  • Automate Invoicing from Release
  • Track Sales against Project/Campaign to promote/increase sales
  • Email Alert Print documents to Vendor


ensure customer payment schedules, revenue tracking & credit management across the business

  • Multi - Organization per Client
  • Maintain Parent/Child tax according to the Indian standards
  • The calendar year & period to control document type
  • Maintain COA according to the customer standards
  • GL Journal for adjustment entries
  • Account Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Allocate bulk payments with a single invoice
  • Allocate bulk invoices with a single payment
  • Allocate bulk payments vs bulk invoices
  • Allocate AR invoice with a Credit note for adjustments
  • Allocate AP Invoice with Debit note for adjustments
  • Bank Statement for AP/AR
  • Manage Bank Reconciliation
  • Invoice Aging
  • Balance Sheet, P&L statement, Trial Balance Reports



process by which raw materials are transformed into finished products

  • Manage Work Order for Re-Mfg products
  • Generate Acceptance  from Work Order
  • Produce finished goods and reduce raw material


controlling modules which enables effective internal cost control and accounting

  • Cost Centre to identify cost accuracy
  • Configure different Cost Element
  • Avg Cost with FIFO LOT basis
  • Calculate Qty method for Stock in Hand basis

Material Management

process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the flow of materials

  • Manage Product with supplier and pricing
  • Bill of Materials for Re-Mfg products
  • Manage Price List with different currency/precision
  • Manage Warehouse including VMI warehouse
  • Manage Stock Count during year-end
  • Cargo Movement for the stock
  • BL No Tracking stock in transit