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Security Management

keep your software secure by providing right access to right people

  • OTP(One-Time Password) based 2nd Layer Authentication login
  • Role-based User Login
  • Role-based Organization access
  • Role-based screen access
  • Encrypted Password Management
  • Audit View and Logs
  • Change Management Audit

Data Migration

migrate from legacy system quickly

  • Product Master Data Migration
  • Customer Master Data Migration
  • Vendor Master Data Migration
  • Opening Inventory Data Migration
  • Opening Debtors Invoice Migration
  • Opening Creditor Invoice Migration
  • Chart of Account Migration
  • Migrate old version to latest Compiere version

Relationship Management

maintenance of relationships between a company and its external partners, especially its clients (Suppliers, Customers, Distributors)

  • Manage Customer Details
  • Manage Vendor Details
  • Manage Employee Details
  • Manage Customer Credit Limit
  • Manage Vendor Credit Limit
  • Maintain Location for shipping
  • Maintain Location for invoicing

Purchase Management

In order to ensure that all services, goods, supplies, and inventory needed for the organization to operate,as well as control inventory levels and costs associated with purchasing the items

  • Raise quotation and invite vendors
  • Best price response from invited Vendors
  • Raise PO(Purchase Order) from RFQ(Request For Quotation) response
  • Raise Purchase with regular suppliers
  • Raise partial vendor shipment from a single Purchase Contract
  • Tracking Bill of Landing for Vendor Shipment
  • Automate Invoicing from Vendor Shipment
  • Allocate Landed cost for Vendor Shipment
  • Email  Print documents to Vendor
  • Generate VendorShipment from Purchase Order
  • Generate Payment from Invoice

Sales Management

the process of efficiently tracking and fulfilling sales orders. It also involves keeping a record of the customer which may include their purchase history, payment method, and volume of order

Sales Order

  • Raise Inquiry to follow customer
  • Raise Quotation and agree with the Price
  • Convert Sales Quotation to Sales Contract
  • Track country and port during sales processing
  • Weekly based Release for VMI(Vendor-managed inventory) customers
  • Manual Release from the single Sales contract
  • Automate Invoicing from Release
  • Track Sales against Project/Campaign to promote/increase sales
  • Email Alert Print documents to Vendor
  • Generate Release from Sales Order

Invoice Customer

  • Generate Payment from Invoice
  • Generate Purchase Order from Invoice customer (Inter Company)

Customer Return

  • Generate Customer Return from RMA
  • Generate Invoice from Customer Return


acts as a financial management system to ensure customer payment schedules, revenue tracking and credit management across the business.Track daily financial operations and generate quarterly and annual financial statements

  • Multi - Organization per Client
  • Maintain Parent/Child tax according
  • Calendar to control document type
  • Maintain Chart of Accounts customer standards
  • General Ledger Journal for adjustment entries
  • Account Receivable from customer
  • Accounts Payable from Vendor
  • Allocate bulk payments with a single invoice
  • Allocate bulk invoices with a single payment
  • Allocate bulk payments vs bulk invoices
  • Allocate AR invoice with a Credit note for adjustments
  • Allocate AP(Accounts Payable) Invoice with a Debit note for adjustments
  • Bank Statement for AP(Accounts Payable)/AR
  • Manage Bank Reconciliation
  • Payment Batch



Re-Manufacturing is the process by which raw materials are transformed into finished products

  • Manage Work Order for BOM(Bill Of Materials) products
  • Generate Acceptance  from Work Order
  • Produce finished goods
  • Cost calculation from Raw Material/Service Goods


The costing module is one of the important controlling modules which enables effective internal cost control and accounting

  • Cost Centre to identify cost accuracy
  • Configure Additional cost
  • Average Cost with FIFO LOT(Specific batch of an item) basis
  • Calculate Qty method for Stock in Hand basis

Material Management

process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the flow of materials

  • Manage Product with supplier and pricing
  • Bill of Materials for Re-Mfg products
  • Manage Price List with different currency/precision
  • Manage Warehouse including VMI(Vendor-managed inventory) warehouse
  • Manage Stock Count during year-end
  • Cargo Movement for the stock
  • BL No(Bill Of Landing) Tracking stock in transit


Different Reports

Purchasing Reports

  • Vendor invoice report
  • Charges invoice report
  • Shipment Report

Sales Reports

  • Total sales report
  • Sales invoice report

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory valuation report
  • Product COGS(Cost Of Goods Sales) report
  • Remanufacturing report
  • Physical inventory report
  • Open order status
  • Product Movement Summary

Accounting Reports

  • Aging report
  • Trial balance report
  • Balance sheet
  • Customer payment performance
  • Profit & Loss account

Tableau (ETL)

  • TBW_Inventory
  • TBW_Invoice
  • TBW_PAY_Received
  • TBW_PhysicalAdjustment
  • TBW_Remancost
  • TBW_Remancostwithdate
  • TBW_SalesPrice
  • TBW_Totalcostsales
  • TBW_TrialBalance_3Months