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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make the job/transformation dynamic ? Is there any step available in Pentaho for automating ?

Yes, using the Metadata Injector step makes the transformation dynamic. You can also parametrize the jobs/transformation to make it dynamic

How to check for the return code of a shell script/batch file?

The Shell script considers a return code of 0 to mean success, anything else is a failure. You can use hops to control the resulting flow.

Can we start a transformation by calling a DB procedure ?

The Call DB Procedure needs to be triggered. Use a Row generator step generating e.g. 1 empty row and link that with a hop to the Call DB Procedure step

What is the difference between and ?

The main difference between them is we can run a transformation using while we can run a job using

How to find the number of CPU cores used using Pentaho?

Yes, you can use the ‘Get System Info’ step in a transformation to get the Pentaho version. In the ‘Type’ column choose ‘Available Processors’.

What do you mean by depreciated step in Pentaho?

Upon every upgrade, Pentaho enhances a step/remove a step/replace a step/add a configuration. Those steps which change from its default configuration is called depreciated steps

What will happen when you use a depreciated step in your job/transformation?

When you use them in your transformation it may fail once you upgrade your Pentaho. If not it slows your performance and you will lag behind the market standard if you do not update

How to read all files present in a folder using Text file input step ?

In the step, you can specify the folder/directory location with a regex expression like ‘.*.txt’ in the wildcard tab. This ensures that you read all files present in a given location

How to generate a encrypted value which Pentaho can decrypt ?

To use the inbuild encryption method of Pentaho you can run the following command in case of linux “./ -kettle <password>” whereas in case of windows use “./encr.bat -kettle <password>”

Can we execute a sql query dynamically without metadata injector ?

Yes, you can use the ‘Dynamic SQL row’ step where you can pass the sql query dynamically from the previous step or using a parameter.