Pentaho Services

Big Data Analytics Professional Services

Our professional services are designed to help customers ensure their business analytics solution implementation is a success while quickly building customer self-sufficiency. Our services address all your needs and effectively assist on each step from the evaluation (Consulting) till successful go live (Implementation) and to ensure stability (Support).

Pentaho Consulting

Consulting services help to drive your organization's growth and decision-making process based on data analytics. Reduce risk and maximize return on investment by providing rapid proof of value solutions to realize benefits.

We will work with you to fit Pentaho in your enterprise and identify gaps if any, you get all the unknowns clarified, know the best practices that ensure a seamless implementation to empower your decision-makers to unleash the full power of business analytics. Our experts help you establish forward-looking, data-driven decision making, throughout your organization.

  • Together will define Project Objectives connecting to your Goals
  • Solution architecture workshops to identify priority and sequence of the requirements
  • Enterprise Data analysis, to know what data you have and what helps to drive your goals
  • Enterprise Key Performance Indicator Catalog based on goals, objectives, data
  • Concept Modelling to understand data pipeline, visual outcomes connecting to your goals
  • DataOps best practices guidelines for your enterprise
  • Know how much you need to invest to get the returns from your data
  • Build rapid Proof of Value with your data, in our Pentaho Lab
  • Implementation Roadmap with Phases, Milestones, Iterations
  • Solution Training and handholding your team to extend independently

Recommendation: Engage for 30 day consulting to build 2 use-cases connecting your business objectives-> to activities -> data -> insight


  • Data Quality Audit report
  • Viability, dependency, and risk report
  • Sizing, Cost for your implementation by Phases
  • Solution Blueprint
  • Proof of Value to realize benefits
  • Visual Storyboard
  • Pentaho Lab to Explore
  • Your team enabled with best practices

Pentaho Implementation

Implementation services cover end to end implementation based on the blueprint and plan agreed during consulting. We enable your enterprise with proper data analytics infrastructure setup covering Pentaho installation with high availability, data warehouse and/or data lake modeling for your enterprise data, building necessary data pipelines with required data security, perform data ingestion, cleansing, historical data load, delta loads, configure schedules using ETL workflows and building necessary visualization to provide insights from the data warehouse for end-users via cubes, reports, and dashboards. Include Data science as part of the data pipeline to apply necessary statistical modeling, machine learning, and algorithms to provide descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive information based on the use cases.

Data Platform services, get your data analytics infrastructure in place ready to use

  • Installation & Configuration of Pentaho and Big Data ecosystem components
  • Components Hardening, High Availability, Disaster recovery
  • Setup Clusters with load balancing
  • Centralize security with LDAP, Active Directory, SAML with single sign-on
  • Data Security at rest or over the air with access control privileges configured in various tools
  • Operations data mart configuration to monitor schedules, jobs and usage behavior
  • Embed and branding configurations
  • DataOps configurations with auto build and deploy
  • On cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid setup


  • Pentaho based DataOps Environment for your enterprise
  • Scalable and Load Balanced Clusters
  • Failover and disaster recovery
  • Centralized Data Security with Access Control
  • Administrative Consoles for monitoring

Data Integration services have your data models, warehouse, lake ready with required data pipelines and schedules

  • Data pipeline design for your enterprise to orchestrate data flows
  • Flexible template based pipeline to handle changes
  • Data pipeline can handle both structured, semi-structured and if required blend data
  • Data pipelines to connect, extract, transform from various sources (database, files, APIs, sensors, social) into various targets (database, data lake, NoSQL)
  • Cleansed and Standardized dataset in the data warehouse
  • Streamlined data refineries to support DataOps
  • Checkpoints in data pipelines to start from any point of failure
  • Metrics captured for performance reviews and tuning and monitor using operations data mart
  • Data pipelines which handle Real-time and batch processing
  • Star schema-based data warehouse model for optimized data processing
  • Distributed data pipeline based on volume, velocity to handle history data load, initial data load, and delta data load
  • Data pipelines which act as enterprise service bus for sharing data
  • Scheduled jobs to manage data pipelines with less overlap and ease of monitoring
  • Reports generated in offline based on parameters and scheduled push via email as PDF/Excel
  • Email notification and SMS alerts for Jobs upon success/failure


  • Single point of truth for data
  • Staging (Persistent or Temporary)
  • Operational Data Store (Active store)
  • Subject Area Specific Data Marts
  • Data accuracy guaranteed upon every load
  • Template-based ETL's to reduce efforts
  • Scalable and distributed ETL processing
  • Notifications for immediate actions
  • ETL for Realtime and batch processing of data
  • Offline bursting of data to predefined endpoints
  • API endpoints for data push and pull
  • Job Schedule Calendar
  • Job Monitoring & Administration Dashboards

Data Science service, understand the patterns, use AI/ML to assist you to make effective decisions from your data

  • Explore historical data structure and unstructured
  • Identify patterns in data
  • Define impact factors and variables
  • Evaluate and chose effective algorithms
  • Apply, validate with training and actual dataset
  • Continuously monitor and evolve the models
  • Machine Learning, Text Mining, NLP
  • Embed R, Python-based models as part of the data pipeline


  • Know about your customers, products or any resource
  • NLP to process text, speech from semi-structured data
  • Predictive models to optimize the usage of resources
  • Apply models, the algorithm as part of your data pipeline
  • The outcome with higher confidence levels
  • Statistical Models, Predictive Models, Proactive Alerts

Data Visualization services, see what you need to direct without much digging

  • Enterprise Data Catalog flexible to search
  • Self-service data analysis and extraction
  • Online/Offline Reporting for operational users
  • Powerful Infographics
  • Interactive PENTA model dashboards
  • Enterprise KPI Catalog to define thresholds, monitor and get proactive alerts
  • OLAP cubes for on-demand analysis
  • Secured data access, sliced and diced based on roles and privileges
  • Get your data on the go using mobile apps or responsive dashboards
  • Export as Image, CSV, PDF or other formats as required
  • Best in class Visualization from the open-source ecosystem
  • White-labeled and branded as per your enterprise branding


  • Visual Mockboards
  • Insightful dashboards designed using PENTA model and responsive to devices
  • KPI catalog based on your activities
  • Online and Offline Reports
  • OLAP Cubes
  • Secured role-based access
  • Self-service capability
  • Ready to Embed visuals
  • White-labeled and branded as per your enterprise

Pentaho Support Services

Support Services provided via support desk model to monitor models and enhance and in parallel for ensuring the availability of solution via incident management, incidents will be classified based on priority and severity and acknowledged and resolved based on agreed SLA’s. Guaranteed high availability and data consistency to rely on analytics solutions implemented for effective decision making.

  • Monitor job execution
  • Data Validations
  • Verify data between source and data lake
  • Cross-check all developed visualizations
  • On-demand support for resolving issues related to data variance, accessing the portal
  • Performance tuning of ETL
  • Switch over to DR when DR if DR is provisioned
  • Monitor and manage infrastructure load
  • Ticket based supporting
  • Minor changes/enhancements
  • Daily monitoring and reporting


  • Unlimited tickets
  • Flexible on-demand support
  • Communication: phone, email
  • Support desk portal
  • SLA based
  • Timezone: suiting customer calendar - 24/7

Pentaho Specialized services

Pentaho Market Analytics

With the ever-increasing complexity and depth of the data, it’s difficult to drive analytics and obtain meaningful insights from it, making the process of Market Research a painful and challenging task. Our customized Market Analytics services, helps marketers leverage the power of advanced analytics and gain meaningful insights from the data, thus, significantly enhancing sales, profitability and boosting consumer relationship.

  • Campaign analytics
  • Campaign budget optimization
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Marketing ROI
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Attribution modeling


  • Unlimited tickets
  • Flexible on-demand support
  • Communication: phone, email
  • Support desk portal
  • SLA based
  • Timezone: suiting customer calendar - 24/7

Big Data Tomato

Our retail analytics leverage the power of data to derive insights on customer behavior, and develop a personalized customer-centric approach to products, marketing, pricing, reduce markdowns, increase sales, reduce stock-out situations and overall store performance. This helps streamline operations, reduce operating expense and increase incremental sales.

  • Enterprise overview
  • Customer analysis
  • Sales, profitability & margin
  • Pricing analysis
  • Inventory analysis
  • Distributor analysis
  • KPI tracker


  • Data collection across channels
  • Comprehending relevant data
  • Improved decision making
  • Effective stock management
  • Customer 360
  • Proactive alerts
  • Android app


Nature has been a boon to Mankind. It provides all necessities needed for mankind to develop and survive. Yet, the actions of society leave un-repairable damage to nature. Our, tailor-made analytics solutions, provides meaningful insights, which can be used to measure the impact caused on our environment.

  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Water usage analysis
  • Rainfall analysis
  • Temperature analysis
  • Environment data visualization


  • Data collection across channels
  • Comprehending relevant data
  • Improved decision making
  • Effective stock management
  • Customer 360
  • Proactive alerts
  • Android app