Your entire all-in-one Workforce Management and Payroll Analytics

Workforce Administration

Provides workforce information across the enterprise

  • Head Count Analysis
  • Leave Comparison by department, location, role
  • Early and Late in
  • Attendance rate
  • Events
  • Length of service
  • LOP days

Talent Acquisition

Analyze speed and quality of hires

  • Talents Hired by location
  • Hire Pipeline
  • Recruitment cost by role
  • Top 10 hires by position
  • Position open by days
  • Filled vs Vacant
  • Actual Vs Target
  • Application sources and conversion rate


Provides an overview of attrition data and help HR managers to lower employee turnover

  • Attrition Rate
  • Attrition by years of experience
  • Top Attrition by grade
  • No of Quits
  • Attrition by gender
  • Attrition by department
  • Attrition by Location
  • Attrition by reason




Monitor Training performance

  • Training hours spent
  • Total attendees
  • Program category ratio
  • By Location and Grade
  • No of Training providers


Quick view of salary breakup and distribution

  • Payroll by experience
  • Payroll by designation
  • PayScale salary bucket
  • Department with increased Payroll
  • Department with high payroll processed
  • Payroll elements
  • Payroll by employment type