Monitor sales progress, customer behavior to improve business performance & sales

Sales Profitability and Margin

Provides an overview of metrics relating to sales, profit and margin at overall and at store/outlet level

  • Store wise contribution
  • Store wise profit share and margin
  • The trend on sales, profit, margin
  • Day wise and Hourly sales

Product Performance Analysis

Product level metrics that segments product performer and non performer

  • Performance Score
  • Top 5 Product Performer
  • Top 5 Product Non Performer
  • Brand Share contribution
  • Item wise performance
  • Product Utilization rate

Regularity Analysis

Regularity metrics at weekly, monthly and quarterly

  • Sales regularity
  • Profit regularity
  • Margin regularity
  • Product-wise score
  • Product-wise performance index



Customer Regularity

frequency of customer visit to stores

  • Weekly regularity
  • Monthly regularity
  • Quarterly regularity

Sales Profitability - benchmark

Comparison of sales, profitability metrics with previous day, previous year

  • Previous day
  • Previous week
  • Previous month
  • Previous quarter
  • Previous year current month
  • Previous year current quarter
  • Previous year
  • Product-wise Performance distribution index

Vendor Analysis

Compare vendor performance metrics like vendor loyalty, regularity of business & portfolio

  • Vendor loyalty index
  • Top-performing index
  • Top 5 performing/Non-performing vendors
  • Weekly regularity vs loyalty
  • Monthly regularity vs loyalty
  • Quarterly regularity vs loyalty
  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly portfolio vs loyalty
  • Vendor performance report

Customer Loyalty

Displays loyalty index of customers based on recent visits, frequency and monetary

  • Recent customers
  • Frequent customers
  • No of normal and elite customers
  • Top 20 items purchased by normal & elite customers
  • Top 20 brands purchased by normal & elite customers
  • Top/Bottom 5 items that Go together
  • Top/Bottom 5 brands that Go together

Customer engagement

provides customer engagement levels to users on a monthly and quarterly basis

  • Provides customer engagement levels to users on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • Monthly customer engagement
  • Quarterly customer engagement