Faster invoicing

A careful analysis by TenthPlanet consultants ensured the majority of the business process will FIT into OpenERP (Odoo). The underlying architecture seemed to be right for the scalability of business operations and ensuring security and performance.

Key objectives

  • To automate the inbound process, Production, Batching, order fulfillment, accurate inventory levels, outbound process, HR, Time, Leave, Payroll, Account receivables, payable, Maintenance and Safety
  • Complete automation of the Sales process to track the accurate stock and ensure right batches delivered
  • To support the growth in sales reduced idle stock, and streamlining the credit limit approvals
  • Complete automation of Employee’s Time & Leave process to track the attendance of employees and ensure it reflects in Payroll
  • Complete automation of Inbound process to buy right materials from right vendors and ensure the required raw materials/spares alone purchased
  • Reporting on inventory, revenue, tax, journals, financial and Management accounting

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