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Monitor Vehicle location and analyse the driver behaviour

Understand your organization human capital trend, employee sentiment, meet your SLAs

Know your viewers interest, analysis the viewer based on category and genre

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Find out how our customers leverage using Open Source

Choosing the right ERP, which will FIT the business process is a key decision made by companies.

Making the move to Compiere ERP & POS empowers you to reduce Capital Cost & Operations Cost. Migrate data all...

A careful analysis by TenthPlanet consultants ensured the majority of the business process will FIT into OpenERP (Odoo)


Compare the best features before making the right decision

Analytics and Data Capture solution

Unified Information Needs Blend for Pro-active Sales

Compare Pentaho Community vs Enterprise Edition

Expose any part of transformation as Virtual

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Question Specific forms (customized Visual Force page)


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Compiere – Retail Superstore Pitch Deck

Complete business management solution for retail stores with pay-as-you-go model

Big Data Analytics

Major Service Streams are Consulting, Implementation, Support

Know about Compiere ERP modules and features

Integrated ERP & CRM Business solution.