Enterprise Business Analytic Solutions

VV Group of Companies, a diversified company featuring VV Minerals India’s largest mining, manufacturer of Garnet & Ilmenite and also a market leader in exporting minerals across the globe. The company has also vested interests in other industries like Textiles, Food & Agro, Pigments, and Paints.

Highlights of Pentaho Dashboards

  • Pentaho platform to consolidate data from multiple disparate data silos and provide a total enterprise view using Pentaho Dashboards with the common discipline to analyze from macro to micro
  • Mobile Analytics with alerts and collaborative features for immediate decision-making
  • Connected enterprise with defined similar data models to track sales, purchase, accounts, and manufacturing
  • Prescriptive schedule for washing and processing which optimizes machinery utilization
  • Alerts based on flexible thresholds configurable specific to location and enterprise
  • Customer 360 to understand demographic sensitive data for upselling
  • Suggestive algorithms for dynamic pricing and payment terms using what-if simulation

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