Do you need Data Analytics support?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your company need Business Intelligence and Self-Serve Reporting?

Lots of people in your organization spend time manually producing reports –downloading data into Excel, manipulating it then e-mailing it out. It’s costly and error prone.

Can we scale out Pentaho DI server across multiple system to process large volume of data?

Pentaho Data Integration provides advanced clustering and partitioning capabilities that allow organizations to scale out their data integration deployments.

What does the pentaho analytics platform consists?

Data Ingestion, Manipulation and Integration, Enterprise and Ad Hoc Reporting, Data discovery and Visualization
Predictive Analytics.

Can you export or import all data sources from PUC at once?

This option is not currently available.

What are the main features of Pentaho Science Pack ?

Pentaho’s Data Science Pack operationalize analytical modeling and machine learning while allowing data scientists and developers to unburden the labor of data preparation to Pentaho Data Integration.

Is it possible to add dynamic fields in the Pentaho Analyzer?

It cannot be added directly in the Pentaho application. Download the schema file , update it using schema workbench and then publish the schema file.

Whether pentaho supports Multi-tenancy architecture

Pentaho Enterprise software is designed to work as a stand-alone, multi-tenant solution or embedded as part of a multi-tenant service. Pentaho is flexible enough to support a variety of multi-tenancy approaches.

Whether Pentaho BA supports Load balancing and HA Clustering

HA solutions for Pentaho servers follow a typical load balancing models, where a load balancer (such as Apache HTTPD) sits in front of a cluster of Pentaho servers and forwards traffic in either a round-robin fashion or by other methods.

Does Pentaho BA Suite has SSO support?

Central Authentication Service (CAS) and Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) are supported.

Can you give demo using our sample data?

Yes sure. Within 7 days we will give a demo using your sample data.