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Case Studies

Find out how our customers leverage using Open Source

Making the move to Compiere ERP & POS empowers you to reduce Capital Cost & Operations Cost. Migrate data efficiently all legacy information without any data loss.

A careful analysis by TenthPlanet consultants ensured the majority of the business process will FIT into OpenERP (Odoo)

Effectively access solution across locations and reduce dependency. Eliminate server bandwidth and performance issues.

Hosted Pentaho Big Data solution on Private Cloud with Mobile dashboards, SAP R3 integration using RFC. Data Analytic solution for One million rows of data processed.

Choosing the right ERP, which will FIT the business process is a key decision made by companies

The goal of the Voluntary Service Management and Information System is to improve the mechanisms in NGOs.

Salesforce is considered to be low in acquiring costs and low-risk management as an organization tool.

Need to consolidate contextual XML data sets from different government agencies such as Person information registry, Vehicle information registry, Government facilities, land registry etc.

Pentaho platform consolidate data from source into data warehouse close to 3 million records every 15 minutes applying necessary algorithms for deriving insights.

Automate the inbound process, order fulfillment, accurate inventory levels, outbound process, customer returns, Account receivables.

Professional edition of Compiere product and use API’s to integrate the CCHS and iTrack applications.

Pentaho platform to consolidate data from multiple disparate data silos and provide a 360-view of budget. Budget Preparation of the annual budget.

Data from independent ERP setup across regions (8), direct agencies (110) and end retail outlets (30,000) is integrated on a scheduled basis to derive actionable insights to make an effective decision

IT data for sales, CRM, inventory, production is blended with actual IoT data from sensors in near real time streaming from 16 different locations (SCADA based) for high traceability. 24/7 operations