Automate end to end business process

Choosing the right ERP, which will FIT the business process is a key decision made by companies. A careful analysis by TenthPlanet consultants ensured the majority of the business process will FIT into Odoo.

Key objectives

  • To automate the inbound process, order management, accurate inventory levels, Account receivables, payable, and finance management with Indian accounting standards
  • Complete automation of Domestic and Export Sales process to track the accurate stock and ensure the right stock delivered to the customer
  • To support the growth in sales reduced idle stock, and streamlining the credit limit approvals
  • Complete automation of Inbound process to buy right materials from right vendors and ensure the required raw materials purchased
  • Implementation of GST to quickly adapt business with Indian Tax reformation
  • Reporting on inventory, revenue, tax, journals, financial and Management accounting

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