Odoo ERP For Metals & Minerals

Purchase Management

Automate the requisitioning and purchasing processes and improve your inventory performance

  • Manage Indent based Purchase order
  • Request for Quotation
  • Call for Purchase Tenders
  • Blanket order agreement
  • General & Raw Material order types
  • Order types (Domestic/High-sea/Import)
  • Manage Priced/Unpriced Orders
  • Multi-level Approval
  • Manage Dropshipping
  • Monitor RfQs and orders
  • Define own procurement rules
  • Maintain supplier reference
  • Pre-close Order with approvals
  • Efficient Vendor Billing
  • Manage Purchase Return
  • GST Purchase Register

Inventory Management

an easy solution to organizing your products and properly plan your replenishment orders

  • Manage multiple Warehouses & multiple Locations
  • Manage Operation Types
  • Generate Goods Receipt Note for Purchase Orders
  • Material Transfer Planning
  • Manage Inventory Adjustments
  • Generate Delivery Order from Sales Order
  • Manage Branch Stock Moves
  • Manage Stock Reservation
  • Reorder level automation
  • Manage Job Work In / Out
  • Manage Configure Cost centers
  • Stock Request by Users
  • Internal Material Issue to Departments/Employees
  • Manage Multi-level Approval
  • Material Traceability
  • Manage Product Scraping
  • Manage Inventory Dashboard
  • Handling Product Returns
  • MRN/GRN Report
  • Inventory at Date
  • Stock Analysis Report
  • Current Stock in Excel
  • Stock Breakup Statement
  • Forecasted Report
  • Material Move Report

Product Management

End-to-End Solution for Managing Product Lifecycles

  • Manage Product & Categories
  • Manage Product Variants
  • Configure Product Types
  • Multiple Product Units of Measure
  • UOM Categories
  • Manage Machine List
  • Multiple Invoicing policies
  • Configure Product Routing
  • Product Tracking by Lot/Serial
  • Manage Product Warranty
  • Manage Product Lead time
  • Map Income and Expenses Accounts
  • Manage HSN codes
  • Manage Product Label
  • Product forecasting

Sales Management

Automate your entire quote to cash flow by optimizing processes to deliver on-time

  • Manage Sales Quotation with multiple types
  • Maintain multiple Order types (Domestic/High-sea/Export/Disposal/Deemed-Export)
  • Multi-level Approval based order
  • Priced/Unpriced Order based on deals
  • Quotation to Order conversion
  • Follow-up on Scheduling multiple Activities
  • Ability to send Pro-forma invoices
  • Quick Order Processing
  • Cancellation workflow for Sales order
  • Pre-close Order with approvals
  • Sales team hierarchy setup
  • Manage Sale Discounts and Promotion
  • GST Sales Register
  • Sales Tax report
  • Sales Analysis

Invoice Management

streamline your process from successful orders to order fulfillment, and timely invoicing to payment.

  • Manage Domestic/Export/High sea invoices
  • Returns & Reimbursement notes
  • Domestic/Import Supplier invoices
  • Invoicing for Service companies
  • Manage Credit/Debit Notes
  • Manage Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) bills
  • RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism) Invoice and Payments
  • Receive Customer Receipts
  • Raise a request for new Payment
  • Payout Vendor Payments
  • Bulk payment approvals and posting
  • Make Multiple Invoice Payment in single click
  • Full and Partial Invoice Payment
  • Process Credit Note Multiple Payment
  • Payment Allocation methods
  • Partner related invoice allocation
  • Posting based on Journal Entries
  • Manage Multi-level Approval

Accounting Management

comprehensive end-to-end, full-fledged financial management system

  • Manage Chart of Accounts/Ledgers
  • Manage multiple Taxes with scopes
  • Configure Tax computation types
  • Cash rounding strategies
  • Define Fiscal years
  • Multiple Invoicing policies
  • Manage multiple Journals
  • Bank Accounts
  • BOE (Bill of Entry) master
  • Manage Payment terms
  • Bank reconciliation process
  • Analyze cash flow and fund flow
  • Analyse Your Sales & Costs
  • Manage Financial Reports Configuration
  • Bank Contra Transactions
  • Manage Fiscal positions
  • Payment followup management
  • Aged Partner Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • CENVAT Report
  • Customer Outstanding Report
  • Daybook Register
  • Excise Register Report
  • General Ledger
  • GST Computation Report
  • Import/Export Expenses
  • Journal Register
  • Misc Register Report
  • Partner Bank Details Report
  • Profit and Loss
  • TDS Report
  • Trial Balance
  • VAT Computation Report
  • VAT Register Report
  • Accounts Confirmation Statement
  • GST-Purchase Register Report
  • GST-Sales Register Report

General settings

important activities related to setting up of base system, having impact on all modules,

  • Multi-Company Rules
  • Order Routing
  • Shipping Policy
  • Customized login for multi companies
  • Switch companies easily
  • import/export from CSV/XLS
  • Ability to manage Documents
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Tax Calculation Rounding Methods
  • Custom Header/Footer
  • Multiple Paper format
  • Overdue Payments settings
  • Product and Account deduplication
  • Approval users configuration
  • Notification users configuration
  • Scheduler for automatic backup
  • Audit logs
  • Scheduled Automated Cron jobs

Master Data Management

management of the fundamental data building blocks that are shared across multiple business transactions

  • Manage Multi-Companies
  • Manage Multi-Organizations
  • Manage Multi-Currencies
  • Manage Users with roles
  • Role management
  • Manage Customers/Vendors
  • Manage Groups
  • Manage Employees
  • Manage Departments
  • Manage Country/State/Regions
  • Manage Import Export Code (License)
  • Manage multi-languages
  • Create multiple Private/Public channels
  • Manage Document Sequence

Advance Shipment Notice

notification of deliveries to let the receiving organization know about incoming shipment

  • Manage Indentor
  • Manage Port of Destination
  • Manage Load Port
  • Manage multiple Metal content
  • Manage Shipping Liners
  • Manage Country Origin
  • Multiple Scrap Material type
  • Container-based weighing
  • Weighted Average pricing for Scrap materials
  • Pricing arrival based on London Metal Exchange content %
  • Manage Discount/Premium pricing
  • Multiple pricing types (Standard/Provisional/Weighted Average)

3rd party Integrations and Notifications

power of integrating with another business's app or web service over the wire. Unified notification system


  • Odoo to Odoo on cloud
  • HDFC Bank payment API
  • GST e-invoicing


  • Low stock Alerts
  • Approval Request/Response
  • Internal Announcements
  • Custom Alerts

Logistics Management

Part of supply chain management helps to strategically managing and tracking the container movements and its current statuses during shipments process

  • Track the Container's expected time of Arrival (ETA) at port
  • Capture the Container's actual time of arrival at factory.
  • Capture the Container's factory out time and date
  • Track if any container movement time delays
  • Logistics summary report to show the history of container movement info
  • Container Factory In report to show the container and its factory reached information
  • Container Factory out report to show the container details along with its factory out information
  • Container Delay report to show delays based on expected and actual arrivals at port and factory

Returnable/Non-Returnable Material Management

An easy solution to track your products for some process/specific work order and proper plan to control service work order/unused materials

  • Track the organization out products for specific work order
  • Configurable Multi-level Approval system
  • Returnable can be approved by manager or Rejected by manager
  • Product Expected Return Date predictability
  • Service provider and Vehicle Details Captured for returnable
  • Notifications based on the stages
  • Track full/partial returned materials with Reports
  • Track Service Invoice with Service Purchase Order for returnable materials
  • Detailed reports on approved/Pending returnable/non-returnable
  • Detailed Print format for returnable and non-returnable materials


Automated & Seamless ready-to-use  E-invoice Generation integrated with IRP System, GSTN and E-Way Bill System

  • Generate IRN directly from ERP in seconds
  • Fully automated, real time data ingestion through API integration
  • Generate and cancel invoices from your ERP with one click
  • Print Customized A4 template with QR code right from ERP
  • Einvoice for Customer Invoices, Credit Notes and Debit notes
  • Generate E-invoices in bulk mode & No more manual data filling
  • Access Your IRN Lifetime as its accessible only for 48 hrs in GST Portal
  • Print your Einvoice with QR code anytime/anywhere
  • Success/Failure logs to easily identify and correct IRN generation errors
  • e-Invoice MIS reports in dashboard for Auditing
  • Supports Multi-company & Branch-level controls