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Pentaho Features

Big Data

Single platform which provides capability to blend data from all sources of big data such as social, weblogs, IoT devices, public data sources and much more, and support to blend both worlds of Big Data and Enterprise data for efficient decision making. Support ELT and has predefined connectors and processors for handling big data may it be Hadoop, NoSQL storages.

  • Prebuilt Connectors and processors for Hadoop, NoSQL
  • Blend enterprise data with big data for faster and accurate decision making
  • Power of Spark to connect and process huge volumes of data on the fly for realtime viewing
  • Apply your statistical models using R and machine learning techniques using Weka and SCALA programming for customer model development for turning your big data much more insightful

Big Data Features

Value Add


Pentaho User Console


BA Design tools


Data Integration

Bringing the data together, your enterprise data resides in various formats, sources, structures some even unstructured, and the rate of change of data is high at times, connecting all and making sure you have clean single point of truth to rely upon is the biggest challenge in analytics maturity cycle. Pentaho Data integration offers the best in class tools and server to orchestrate the data flow and to monitor data processing.

  • Powerful and easy to use drag and drop visual designer for your ETL workflows
  • Predefined transformation steps to cleanse, massage your data and translate it as per analytics needs
  • Capability to visualize data as you process it, which provides more insights during processing
  • Prebuilt connectors and steps for wide variety of data sources, RDBMS, NoSQL, Big Data, Flat Files, Social connect, API based data consumption all with zero coding readily available
  • Near Real-time processing capabilities for data from sensors, weblogs
  • Highly distributed and scalable environment for data processing
  • Powerful metrics to monitor and fine-tune performance
  • Clear audit logging to capture required information and to track point of failures

Data Integration

Refine and Format Reports



Organize data for analysis, structure enterprise data marts with right dimensions, hierarchies, and measures. Explore your data dynamically. Self-service intuitive interface for analysts to drag and drop and analyze information in both tabular and visual formats. In memory processing for high performance

  • Drag and drop visual interface to analyze your enterprise information
  • Export analysis into various formats excel, pdf what you see is what you get in exports
  • Save, share and reuse your analysis
  • Custom columns on the fly for formulae based analysis
  • Slice and dice to view information from macro to micro
  • Filters for choosing the right datasets for analysis
  • Visual and tabular analysis of enterprise information
  • Row-level restriction with flexible access control
  • Dynamic schema processing extensions for integration specific business rules on the fly
  • Pluggable enterprise cache support for high scalable and distributed cache implementation
  • Supports geo analysis and various comprehensive charts for visual analysis

Analyser features

Flexible Filters Restrict dataset for analysis


Image Graphical visuals and formats


Export Analysis Offline Access PDF, Excel, CSV



Easy to read, one page summary of the analysis of information, get the overview of your enterprise in a centralized view. Dashboards provide the most valuable and useful set of information. Visualizing insights from information provides a consolidated and an easy to interpret representations. Key performance indicators of an enterprise can be measured and monitored using dashboards. Dashboards are primarily built to provide necessary inputs to decision makers from the single point of truth.

  • Drag and Drop Designer provides flexible options for decision makers to configure what they wish to monitor at that point in time
  • Multi-device and responsive, decision makers on the go can start using tablets, mobile phones to view dashboards on the go
  • Macro-level visualization with complete interactivity and filtering to drill down into micro-level details when required
  • Powerful visuals including geo and spatial analysis connected to latest consolidated data to assist decision makers
  • Export and share as PDF

PoS Features

Store for future reference


Interface to view different reports at once



Pentaho Reporting engine provides options to present all your meaningful data in the form of information catering different set of operation users and standards. Reports can be prebuilt and can be configured to be run as jobs offline and shared and in addition, can also provide models for operations users to build reports on demand.

  • Drag and Drop Designer provides flexible options for operational users to build reports based on information required on demand
  • Pixel perfect reports for prebuilt specific template based information requirements
  • Reports can be generated offline in batch mode for monthly, weekly reports without manual intervention and can be shared to different users
  • Report bursting to share same reports with limited set of information pertaining to their access control which can be generated offline and share via email
  • Export and share as PDF, Excel, CSV, and XML
  • Reports with images, charts with interactive capabilities can be prebuilt
  • What-if analysis for data simulation with prompting
  • Embed reports with your existing solution and reduce load of transaction database
  • Flexible filters and prompting for reduced and specific dataset access

Reports Features

Drag & drop, web based design


Refine and Format Reports


Export and Save Reports


Embedded Analytics

Integrate and customize Pentaho to embed value of analytics as part of your core solution. White label and tightly integrate all features of Pentaho with the core solution.

  • Identify Level of Embedding Bundled, Mashup, Extended or unified
  • White Label Pentaho with similar branding of your source application
  • Enable Single Sign-On to seamlessly integrate security features of core solution with Pentaho
  • Configure API access for Pentaho ETL and Visualization and consume or publish information between core solution and Pentaho
  • Connect to native mobile applications by consuming information from Pentaho using Webservices and JSON based restful services
  • Customer Analytics, visualization and reporting features based on your core solution needs for in depth-integration

Embedded Analytics Features


Multi-Tenancy Prebuilt Reports


White Label Self Service


Single Sign-on Design as per needs

Pentaho Suite

Pentaho is a comprehensive suite of tools to handle your analytics requirements. Data Integration and business analytics platform are the core components, with flexible desktop and web-based designers for building your analytics stack. Suite comes with the following components.

  • Pentaho Business Analytics Server
  • Pentaho designer tools
    • OLAP Designer Schema Workbench
    • ETL workflow designer
    • Report Designer
    • CTools (custom visualization development tools)
    • Meta Data Model designer
    • Aggregate Designer
    • Dashboard Designer
  • Pentaho User Console