Easy to read, one page summary of the analysis of information, get the overview of your enterprise in a centralized view. Dashboards provide the most valuable and useful set of information. Visualizing insights from information provides a consolidated and an easy to interpret representations. Key performance indicators of an enterprise can be measured and monitored using dashboards. Dashboards are primarily built to provide necessary inputs to decision makers from the single point of truth.

  • Drag and Drop Designer provides flexible options for decision makers to configure what they wish to monitor at that point in time
  • Multi-device and responsive, decision makers on the go can start using tablets, mobile phones to view dashboards on the go
  • Macro-level visualization with complete interactivity and filtering to drill down into micro-level details when required
  • Powerful visuals including geo and spatial analysis connected to latest consolidated data to assist decision makers
  • Export and share as PDF

Dashboards Features

Store for future reference

Interface to view different reports at once