Organize data for analysis, structure enterprise data marts with right dimensions, hierarchies, and measures. Explore your data dynamically. Self-service intuitive interface for analysts to drag and drop and analyze information in both tabular and visual formats. In memory processing for high performance

  • Drag and drop visual interface to analyze your enterprise information
  • Export analysis into various formats excel, pdf what you see is what you get in exports
  • Save, share and reuse your analysis
  • Custom columns on the fly for formulae based analysis
  • Slice and dice to view information from macro to micro
  • Filters for choosing the right datasets for analysis
  • Visual and tabular analysis of enterprise information
  • Row-level restriction with flexible access control
  • Dynamic schema processing extensions for integration specific business rules on the fly
  • Pluggable enterprise cache support for high scalable and distributed cache implementation
  • Supports geo analysis and various comprehensive charts for visual analysis

Analyser features

Flexible Filters Restrict dataset for analysis

Image Graphical visuals and formats

Export Analysis Offline Access PDF, Excel, CSV