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Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure default taxes in odoo?

Yes, we can configure the default taxes for both purchases and Sales. The following will be the steps to configure default taxes.
Invoicing -> Settings -> Taxes
Configure the default Sales Tax and Purchase Tax

How to enable Lead menu in Odoo CRM?

To enable Lead Menu, follow the below steps.

CRM -> Configuration -> Settings   Enable Leads check box

Can we maintain different stages to manage leads in Odoo?

Yes, we can create multiple stages using Stages feature and keep track of leads with different stages using lead pipeline

What is the customer lead time?

The average time difference between the customer order and delivery of finished products is called customer leads time. It is the time a company promise to the customers.

Can we create Sales quotation in Odoo?

Yes, Odoo support to create Sales quotation directly or through leads.

Can we send quotation to customer directly through email?

Yes, Odoo support to print the quotation or send the quotation through email

What are all the possible ways to create sales order in Odoo?

Odoo supports to create sales order in two ways.

To convert quotation to Sales order and Allows creating sales order directly using sales order feature.

Will Odoo supports multiple price lists?

Yes, Odoo supports Multiple price list. We can configure multi price list with multi prices for each product at the product level.

To configure multi price list, it has to be enabled in Sales -> Configuration -> settings -> Multiple Sales Prices per product

How to set the Opening Balance in Odoo?

Opening balance for an account is managed by creating a journal entry for the account. For example, if we have 5000 INR in our bank account. First create an account with type equity. Then create a journal entry with bank journal. Now credit 5000 in your newly created opening account and debit it from default bank account.

How do we manage Petty cash in odoo?

We need to create Journal with type as Cash as a first step, and we need to create new ledger account called “Petty Cash”. Then all the new transactions will be created with respect to “Petty Cash” account and then reconcile with required account