Odoo ERP for Rice Manufacturing & Trading Business

Master Management

Effective use of an ERP system by setting up required Master data received from customers

  • Manage Multiple Companies
  • Manage Operating Units (Branches)
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Roles
  • Manage Access Rights
  • Manage Area
  • Manage Beat
  • Manage Districts
  • Manager Driver Info
  • Manage Transporter details

Partner Management

Manage business partners such as vendors, customer, and employees to streamline business processes

  • Manage Vendors
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Customer Credit Limits
  • Manage Employees
  • Manage Salesperson
  • Manage Agents
  • Manage Transporters
  • Multiple contacts(Billing/Shipping)

Product Management

A component of supply chain management, product management helps to manage products and their related attributes required for the business

  • Manage Product Categories
  • Product Category Level costing
  • Manage Product Brand
  • Manage Material Types
  • Category Level Ledger Mappings
  • Manage Product templates
  • Manage Product Variants
  • Manage Product Attributes
  • Manage Product Unit of Measure
  • Manage Product Types (Raw Material/Spares/Byproducts/Finished Products)
  • Manage multiple Product Price List

Purchase Management

Procurement of goods and services from suppliers involves managing the POs, receipt of goods, quality check in an defined way to ensure the quality of the products received on time from suppliers

  • RFQ to Multiple Agents/Vendors
  • Receipt of Quotations based on RFQ
  • Samples Testing based on quality parameters
  • Quotation Comparison/Price Negotiation
  • Purchase order upon Quote approval
  • PO Two Level confirmation
  • Send PO through Email
  • Goods Receipts based on PO
  • Partial /Full receipt of goods.
  • Receipt of Excess Quantities than ordered
  • On Load & Final Quality Check
  • Quality Confirmation / Rejection
  • Lot Level tracking
  • Multi Lot Split
  • GRN Confirmation
  • Lot Level Average Costing
  • Paddy Crop Month/Year Tracking
  • Landed Costing
  • Purchase Register Report
  • Purchase Analysis Report
  • Transporter Declaration Report

Accounting Payables

Account Payable helps to receive invoices from vendor; keep track of their outstanding and their payments made as per the agreements

  • Vendor Billing based on Ordered Qtys
  • Vendor Billing based on Received Qtys
  • Multiple Vendor Bills from one GRN
  • Consolidated Vendor Bill from Multiple GRN
  • Manage Service Bills
  • Agent Commission on Quintal basis
  • Purchase Return
  • Vendor Debit Note
  • Agent Commission Payables

Inventory Management

Management of Inventory with accurate stock values. This helps to supervise the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to sales

  • Manage Warehouse & location
  • Inventory Tracking By Lot & Batches
  • Keep Inventories in one or more locations
  • Lot wise product costing
  • Inventory Maximum/Minimum/Reorder levels
  • Inventory Move Request & Approval
  • Paddy/Rice Inventory Handling with 20+ scenarios
  • Inventory Handling with Expenses Booking
  • Product cost update on Each Inventory processes
  • Merging same products with different lots
  • Godown Transfer
  • Brand/Weight Conversion
  • Physical Inventory Adjustments
  • Product Conversion for Retail Sales(Product A -> Product B)
  • GRN & DO Cancellation
  • Stock On Hand Report (As on Date)
  • Stock – Lot Level
  • Stock Valuation Report
  • Stock Aging Report
  • Godown Transfer Report
  • Rice Brand Conversion Report
  • Godown Performance Report
  • Gunny In/Out Report
  • Slow Moving product Report
  • Non Moving Product Report



Manufacturing Management

Planning, Organizing and controlling manufacture of goods with consumption of raw materials and services along with defined activities involved

  • Process Manufacturing (Dynamic BOMs)
  • Manage Routing
  • Mange Work centers
  • Manage Operations
  • Manufacturing orders
  • Cancel Manufacturing Orders
  • Dynamic Inputs and Outputs without BOMs at any stage
  • Manage Multiple Work orders
  • Work Order Level Ledger Posting
  • Cancel work orders
  • Dynamic Finished and Byproducts
  • Quality Verification (Lab & Cooking Test)
  • Packing Request/Approval
  • Packing Process
  • Batching
  • Stock Move from Production area to warehouse
  • Tracking Manufacturing Costing
  • Soaking Process Report
  • Boiled Paddy Process Report
  • Hulling Process Report
  • Yield(Out-turn) Report
  • Process rice costing Report
  • Packing process Report
  • MRP Cancel
  • Workorder Cancel
  • Soaking Process Report
  • Boiled Paddy Process Report
  • Hulling Process Report
  • Yield(Out-turn) Report
  • Process rice costing Report
  • Packing process Report

Sales Management

Sales of goods to customers involves managing customers, orders, price list, credit limits, delivery of goods in a defined way to ensure the quality of the products delivered on or before committed time

  • Manage Customers on the Fly
  • Manage Sales Orders
  • Customer Credit Limits
  • Show available Credits
  • Default Sales Person Vs Actual Sales Person
  • Cash & Credit Sales
  • Order on Hold when credit limit reaches
  • Order on hold if any due invoices
  • Order Approval at Two levels
  • Batch wise product sales
  • Operating unit wise product sales
  • Price Inclusive taxes
  • Discounts on sales for their employees
  • Bag to quintal conversions
  • Display stock levels at each warehouse locations during sales
  • Sell products from one or more warehouse locations
  • Deliver goods from different batches
  • Sell products with different price list
  • Delivery Allotments
  • Sales Return Request
  • Sales Return
  • Return Delivery Allotments
  • Packing Slip Print
  • Packing Slip Print
  • Sales Register Report
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Sales Report (Channel wise)
  • Sales Report Sales person wise
  • Sales Return Request Report
  • Delivery Allotment Report
  • Sales Average Product Category-wise Report

Accounting Receivables

helps to ensure invoices to customer, keep track of their outstanding and their payments

  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer invoice Print(Original/Duplicate/Triplicate)
  • Copy Bills
  • Refund/Credit notes against sales return
  • Credit Note for Cash discounts
  • Invoice Details Report
  • Customer Outstanding Report
  • Area/Beatwise Outstanding Report

Accounting Management

Financial management system helps to ensure customer and vendor payment schedules, revenue tracking and credit management across the business

  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Manage Taxes
  • Manage Currencies
  • Manage Banks
  • Manage Bank Accounts
  • Manage Journals
  • Manage Payment Terms
  • Manage Customer Receipts
  • Manage Cash Discounts
  • Manage Vendor Payments
  • Mange Other Payments
  • Manager Other Receipts
  • Manage Contra Entries
  • Mange Journal Entries
  • Manage Expenses
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Aged Payable Report
  • Aged Receivable Report
  • Consolidated Journal Report
  • Day Book Register
  • General Ledger Report
  • Trial Balance Report
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Bank Book report
  • Cash Book report
  • TDS Report
  • Tax Report
  • GSTR1 Report
  • GSTR2 Report
  • GST Exempted Invoice Report

Point of Sales Management

Point of Sales Application helps Retail shops to sell rice bags to end consumers directly with high margins through cash or credit card payment mode

  • Daily Stock Transfer from wholesale to Retail shops
  • Book orders for Home Delivery
  • Return Conversion process to convert fro No.of Bags to Kgs
  • Capture Orders
  • Search products by Name, category, product code and price
  • Order On hold and retrieve hold orders
  • User & Role level access control for price and discounts
  • Allow / Not allow negative stock based on configuration
  • Billing of different types of carry bags during sales
  • Pay by Cash, Credit Cards
  • GST Taxes (Both Inclusive & Exclusive Taxes)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for quick navigation of billing
  • Different bill prints for Credit / cash customers and Home delivery
  • Bill Reprint
  • Home delivery process
  • POS Return Process
  • POS return billing
  • Capture Return Reasons
  • Ongoing Session report to show transaction at current session
  • Post Session report to show transaction after completion of session
  • Sales Summary report to show total sales with respect to each terminal/shop
  • Retail Stock out Report to show the stock out from Wholesale to retail shops on daily basis

Data Migration

Migrate from legacy system quickly and go live

  • Import Templates for migration
  • Chart Of Accounts Import
  • Master Data Import
  • Opening Inventory Import
  • Opening Ledger Balances Import
  • CSV/Excel sheet data based migration