Powerful Cloud Payroll Software developed with all compliances

Employee Management

Allows employees to view and manage their HR and Payroll related information

  • Employee Self Service Portal

  • Manage Personal Information

  • Manage Professional Information

  • Manage HR Documents

  • Maintain Skills, Qualification and Experience

  • Manage Family Details

  • Manage Insurance and Claims

  • Manage Employee’s Skills & Experiences
  • Manage Employee’s Insurance Details
  • Manage Organization Chart
  • Manage Work Branch / State / Time
  • Manage Employee’s Document through Attachments
  • Manage Employee’s Bank Accounts
  • Employee Transfer / Promotion / Confirmation

Salary Structure

Maintain and manage multiple salary structure with different earning and deduction parameters

  • Grade / Rank based salary structure

  • Monthly / Annual Salary benefits

  • Intermediate Pay Revision

  • Job Promotion

  • Location based Daily / Monthly allowance

  • Maintain Multiple salary structure

Statutory compliance

Manage Statutory compliance like PF, ESI, Professional Tax and Bonus easily

  • Bonus Management

  • Provident Fund

  • Employee State Insurance

  • Professional Tax

  • Leave Encashment

  • Leave Travel Allowance

Leave Management

Keep track of employees leave consumed, available and upcoming plans for effective project planning

  • Leave Allocation

  • Leave Application

  • Approval for Leave

  • Leave Cancellation

  • Leave Balance

  • Leave Encashment

  • Leave Restriction based on HR Policy

  • Leave Accruals

  • Leave Calendar (Statewise) Management
  • Restricted Holiday Calendar

Attendance Management

Helps us to track In and Out time with shift patterns, permission, late/early and onsite/offsite details

  • Autosync with most biometric devices

  • Captures Checkin and checkout Time

  • Calculates Early in and Late out

  • Handles Thumb Forget Scenarios

  • Manage Permission

  • Manage Onsite / Offsite

  • Manage Shift

  • Manage Compoff / Additional working day

Expenses Management

Easily submit all expenses and either approve or reject individual ot Team requests

  • Manage Daily Expenses

  • Manage Travel Expenses

  • Manage Food & Miscellaneous Expenses

  • Approval Flow

  • Manage Reimbursement / Allowances

  • Maintains Reimbursement history

  • Expense Voucher Management


Allow us to record Loan details and track all employee loans with disbursement and recovery details

  • Manage multiple loans for an employee

  • Maintain different types like Salary Advance, Bonus Advance, Imprest Advance, Travel Advance

  • Autorecovery during Payroll Process

  • Track Loan Recovery details

  • Preclosure of Loan

  • Skip Loan recovery for a month ondemand

Payroll Management

Automatically process company payroll within 15 minutes if Attendance and Leave data is loaded

  • Batch Payroll Process for all Employees

  • Individual Employee Payroll Process

  • Arrears Calculation with PF / ESI

  • Auto Professional Tax Recovery

  • Auto Loan / Advances Recovery

  • Hold Resigned Employees Salary

  • Employee and Employer PF / ESI Computation

  • TDS Deduction

  • Manage Contribution register for Earning and Deduction components

  • Payslips Mass Mailing to Employees

  • Payroll Batch Process
  • Apply Arrears / Benefits / Prof. Tax
  • ESI Parameter Configurations
  • EPF Parameter Configurations
  • Retirement Parameter
  • Professional tax Slab configuration
  • Increment & Bonus Slab configurations
  • F&F Settlement

Full and Final Settlement

Generate employee final settlement sheet at an ease in a click whenever it is needed

  • Onhold Salary Computation

  • Auto Deduct Outstanding Loans / Advances

  • Leave Balance Auto adjustment and encashment

  • TDS and Professional Tax recovery

Access Control

Admin user can create multiple users and assign different roles depends upon their need

  • Employee access to view their individual details

  • Employee Manager access to view their team details

  • Payroll User access to viewall the details

  • Payroll Manager Access to view and edit all the details

  • Admin role with all privileges

Auto Backup and Email

To Avoid data loss, scheduled Job will be running to take backup on daily basis

  • Daily Automated backup of Database

  • Auto delete old backup before 7 days

  • Email notifications during backup success / Failure

Employee Reports

  • Employees Live Report
  • Employees Attrition Report
  • Employees Joining and Probationary Report
  • Employees Leaving Report
  • Employees Genderwise Report
  • Location Wise Employees Report
  • Employees Age Analysis Report
  • Employees Service Report
  • Employees Retirement Report
  • Employee Turnover Summary Report
  • Employee Actual Cost Report (XLS)
  • Employee History Report
  • Increment and Promotion Report
  • Increment and Promotion Report
  • Resignation Details

Employee Leave & Attendance Reports

  • Employee Leave Balance Report
  • Leave Annual Register Report
  • Leave Register Report
  • Leave Details
  • Attendance Details
  • Daily Leave / Attendance Details
  • Planned Vs Leave Taken Details

Employee Expense Reports

  • TA Bill Details for a Period
  • TA Bill Payment Advice Details
  • Multipurpose TA Bill Details
  • Expenses Reimbursment Slip (PDF)
  • Expenses Accounting Integration Report
  • Expense Allowances / Categorywise Details
  • Allowances Location Details Report

Annual Benefits Reports

  • Statutory / Company Bonus Report (XLS)
  • EL Encashment Report
  • Increment Report
  • Increment Details Report
  • LTA Details Report
  • Year wise Bonus Details
  • Wellness Details
  • Annual Bonus Details Report (PDF)

Loan Reports

  • Loan Analysis
  • Loan & Salary Ledger Report

Labour Compliance Reports

  • Muster Roll Report
  • Gratuity Calculation List
  • Gratuity Individual Report (PDF & XLS)
  • Wages Register Report

ESI Reports

  • ESI Statement Report
  • ESI Details Report
  • ESI Statement Not Eligible Report
  • ESI Form -7 Register

Professional Tax Reports

  • Profession Tax Recovered
  • Professional Tax Estimation Report Details
  • Professional Tax Form 3 Report

PF Reports

  • PF Form 12A Register
  • PF Challan Details Report
  • PF Form - 10 Register
  • PF Form – 5 Register
  • PF Form - 3A Register
  • PF Form6A Register
  • PF Account Wise Report
  • EPF Details Report (XLS/PDF)
  • EPF ECR Report (Txt)

Payroll Reports

  • Salary Component Details Report
  • Basic & DA Register
  • Earnings Register
  • Deductions Register
  • Salary Register
  • Contribution Register by Category
  • Payroll Monthly statement (XLS / PDF)
  • Present Standard Earnings / Deductions Register
  • Grade / Rank Details
  • Salary Contract History
  • Salary Slip (PDF)
  • TDS Recovery Details
  • Payroll Monthly statement
  • Withheld Salary Details
  • Payroll Advice Report