Do you need Odoo ERP support?

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you recommend Windows or Linux for implementing a production solution?

Linux will give far better results in terms of performance and reliability. You will find more information regarding this in our technical blog

Can I access Odoo via my mobile?

Yes, you need a browser and internet connection in mobile to access Odoo.

Is Odoo worth compared to other solutions?

Absolutely. It is open-source, web-based, resilient to connection interruption, usable locally and from a distance.

Can I use Odoo community modules with the Odoo Enterprise Edition?

Yes, but there are some limitations.

Do you provide implementation and customization service?

Yes, we do provide Implementation and Customization Services.

How much do you think we should spend on an Odoo implementation?

It all depends on your scope complexity and how many modules and functions you would like to use.

How long will it take to implementation Odoo?

It depends on your business requirements, corporate size and how far the gap is from the standard Odoo functionalities.

How do we know TenthPlanet is competent and it is worth the money?

Almost 16 years of experience in ERP and working with many customers from different continents. If you call us in, it will be around a table, by your side, facing the situation and tackling the issues one by one.

Can we train our IT staff to Odoo? Can he become a specialist?

Yes, it is recommended to train your staff to manage Odoo system at the functional level, take a backup, quick help to end users on any questions, manage schedules etc.,

What kind of administrative access to the Odoo servers do you provide?

Administrative users will get the access to take a backup, schedule the jobs, configure masters required for the transaction, extract all kind of reports and manage all the operations